iQOO 3 – Can it Game?

iQOO 3 - Can it Game?
iQOO 3 - Can it Game?

The I. 3 is the most affordable snapdragon 860 by doing a smartphone in the current Indian market, and it also has a ton of special gaming-related features.

Are these just gimmicks, or do they help out if you’re a gamer looking to buy a spec-heavy smartphone without torturing a while?

Let’s find out in today’s article if you do end up liking what you see hereSo let’s kick things off with the most noticeable feature on the echo three these two short of weapons, of course, the most common use of them is going in games like Bob G.

We will get back to you in a bit first let’s take a peek at what else they can do a ton of games so first up pressing the doctor go button along with the button to the left.

This isn’t a monster, and this isn’t technically anything related to gaming. Still, more of performance provided you can see that the icon’s change the team, and if we go into settings battery and want to what it does is that enabling.

This would increase the CPU frequency and overall just a performance at the cost of increased battery drain and production, so most of what might be worth turning on if you want to be playing something.

That is graphically demanding an open by the way if you don’t want to mess around with the buttons this week action dog before this one is about, but there’s one more exciting thing.

That can be done with the software to go pressing on them both at once and open up game space. This is kind of like the odd movie creed that we saw that Reggie’s phone does.

You have all the games arranged in the form of cards you can swipe left or right to shuffle through them and choose what we want to play up top.

We have the CPU GPU and temperature monitors, and also, the game hit a button topping on that brings us to the screen where we get a detailed breakdown of how much time.

You spend in what games it also tells us how much data has been utilized by the games all of the data break down here reminds me of just a little being from Google.

This one is geared specifically to its gamers next up we have a game more this can be talking from the notification shade or part of a separate option in settings inside under game mode.

We have some localization training. It’s pretty useful if you want to get better but G. since a tranger yes despite different footsteps and gunshots.

Next up, we have a game assistant. There’s a couple of options here, but we’ll get to them once we get into the game next weekend, although if you want to receive calls in the background, that came after we have the option to block notifications.

Solicited check cards do any sports in our committee sports more. What they do is minimize all distractions and optimize the system.

The best gameplay experience possible going down the list we have to do the enhancement this gives is more saturated contrast because in the game so.

Those enemies are more natural to spot. We have the game come down that demand is a be cute for a match of the tournament is minimized, unfortunately.

This call nontime only works with, but she had enough valid as of now 40 games libration salutes gun firing shots with added feedback though to be fair.

We can use the shoulder buttons when it’s enabled, so we kept it off most of the time, following a few options.

That is, self-explanation disable automatic weapon connection breakfast log can prevent accidental touches. We can switch off the angel the buttons to his option.

Next up, we have also agreed not to play it this and show us that the game continues being into the screen switched off the next option rental don make sure.

That we had a constant dream, you’d better use graphical quality when needed, and the final one allows us to open a free-floating window messaging service.

This is done using a three-finger swipe, and all incoming messages also come up as a pop-up window, so these are all the options we offer Bob G.

Some options are game-specific, so if you swipe through the matches on the bottom here.

The options that are triggering more protests continue to change okay let’s not jump into, but you can’t take a look at the game in the face to receive this confirmation dialog box.

That does is what system improvements have been made that 180 huts. The sampling rate does speak create, especially in first-person shooters. An attempt conforming to the game assistant disappears into this tiny black button to the left from here.

We can control many of the same features that we had intended to give me more, so let’s keep all of those and instead take a look at these new features first up we can change our voice using the voice changer significant.

If you’re looking to have some fun unpredicted identity with playing games at the bottom, you can set up off-screen gaming and click a screenshot, okay.

There is one button I skipped away, and that’s this 1. This lets us customize the trigger button denoted on screen by a and B. you don’t.

The control settings menu we can map these buttons to whatever we want personally, I am up to them to aiming down sights and shooting, respectively.

I then tried it out in a couple of games, and it worked perfectly. Of course, a gaming-focused article would be pretty incomplete without testing out.

Some actual gameplay, so we tried balanced budget extreme in time to keep Lewis was small no it is added to get the jeep you something a bit harder to run, so we bump.

The settings up to age get extremely rude and still be able to be held up amazingly well the controls, but it’s not me thanks to the 1 in the hopes.

Something we felt confident looking around overall, the experience was great too after given for why we decided to check in on the temperatures.

The match we had was just 35 degrees near the camera I want you that’s on the back on 36 on the double that that’s going to the front.

Next up was the call of duty graphics was banned at the very high-end favorites at the Max as expected he had no problems handling it with a fitting any start all that.

We recheck the temperature about half an hour of gaming and hate the temperature drop the box in a corner to the back was slightly above 34 degrees looks like.

The custom carbon fiber people cooling system being used by the echo three here is doing. Its job pretty well following that up with 49 repeated at epic settings with 30 FPS the fourth line is 1 of the most demanding games on the bike and here at high detail levels.

The game did look gorgeous, especially on the 6144 inches but I’m let’s clean, but at times, we did notice some bits of a micro stutter I don’t know what that can be caught on camera.

But we did feel them and putting it on too fast. That being said, it was pretty good out of cringe, and all of the gaming experience the game was still very playable.

I understand the temperature deadline up to 35 degrees, but that was the maximum he saw, and Dr just on 1 part of the top of the display, and it never felt hot to touch and now with the prospect of undergrad games competed.

We decided to jump into us by date. This is 1 of the most demanding raising that is on the right. Of course, we played at high graphics as expected. The gameplay here was again very small mixed mediums Nordic ups whatsoever after playing it for.

I have to dance I don’t have a maximum of just 30 degrees Celcius. Finally, we wrap things up with this bush joined combat. This is a game that supports 90-hertz refresh rates, yes.

The equity doesn’t have that what do you want to see if we could support a difference for the 180 huts that sampling rate yet well the game did feel a bit snappy and responsive.

Then what we experienced before with one sporting lowered at sampling rates that being said the bush was to feel more fluid on 90 hotel rather hide panels officially anyway wrapping.

This one up last time dentures again determined at a Max of 30-degree searches, so that’s been I’d for this quick little Article summing it up.

I completed it was an excellent gaming experience that snapdragon 865, and I do know exporting has no problems handling even the most demanding of games.

The most impressive part of it all that must be the heat dissipation system into this phone it never even crossed 40 degrees said she is a fantastic feat for 86 developers with full so.

If you are a dedicated mobile game, I’m doing my mind sacrificing the hated for streets clean.

Then the I could treat is worth looking into. It’s got flagship specs a significant response of Amalek panel of 4440 0 by about three that should be enough.

If you were the most gaming sessions so that’s been my $0.2 no I


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