Samsung Galaxy M11 – The Chinese Budget Option

Samsung Galaxy M11 - Chinese Budget Option
Samsung Galaxy M11 - Chinese Budget Option

The M. 11 is sometimes the latest entry in the usually committed of the galaxy into users’ smartphones, so what’s the deal with this one.

Something giving us yet is there anything unusual about this phone let’s get right to it once we did get out of the box Hey guys out here from C. 40 second.

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The unboxing the pretty standard affair we have a slightly open box inside, we find that a picture of the quick start guide wanted to get. It set up with another galaxy M. 11 itself there are three color options violet metallic blue, and that’s on the block.

Let’s get to it in a bit we then I will be more pressure job along with the U. as we did to you Kimmel and the subject of it, and that’s pretty much it for the book’s contents once again.

These are all the things we got in the box, and this is the Samsung galaxy M. 11 so what changes do we get with that well let’s start with the bad the M. 11 S. lady don’t know why you don’t even think of the name Dennis it also happens to be 28 grams heavier.

Than its predecessor has the screen has gone up not really so where does increase input print when something initially announced M. series of smartphones well. The M. 20 and M. 30 had 5000 MH batteries while the M. den only out of 4000 images by trees now the M. 21 of the M. 31 they’ve gone 6000 I mean age and yes the M.

11 comes with a 5000 MH battery, given the 25 percent increase in battery capacity. I feel the slight increase in footprint is worth it, and the phone is just as we lean hand as its predecessor, in fact, more so as this plastic box.

It’s going to not finish into the glossy it helps with grip and looks better since it doesn’t pick up fingerprints and smudges quite as much this bill seems functional.

We have the boat and William keys to the right the headphone Jack and secondly noise-canceling microphone up top a tree to the left this can house $0.2 and a micro SD card, so something seems to be continuing with that trend.

We need we have the primary microphone speaker, and between those two a USB type C. port coming to the front wall, the display hasn’t changed in size.

The March is going to be pleased by a tiny little and approves of punctual to the top left this is why sometimes seems to have gone with the LCD yeah that’s about it what do you guys think does a punch hole in the cost of the family it makes sense.

Do you or would you have liked to see, and I’m on the panel even if that meant having in March leave a comment on below? I could have given a bull, but Hey, you draw tools, so playing leaves a comment on the line.

Let me know that said this seems to be useful as he battled the resolution remains the same HD plus the aspect ratio to 915 by 9. At 268 pixels per inch, it’s not very sharp, but the colors are beautiful, and so are the viewing angles. The brightness levels are also quite good. I have no issues looking at the screen.

When I was getting the self is our doors, these we shop with the 8-megapixel selfie camera in that bunch will to the top left the dynamic range is a little lacking, for example, look at my hand being blown out yet.

But the rest of the image it might not be had a buyer I like the cities the details they were there how does my natural and I also like how when you tell us something fun to leave the beauty mode off its leaves. The beauty mode off with many other brands you still get someone out of his movement, not the case, yet what does the software problem shin.

That we’ve been seeing the times into the cameras these days going on to what’s on the inside the Exynos chip on them Dennis it’s been replaced with a Qualcomm chip this is the snapdragon 450. It’s covered with 3 or 4 gigs of ram along with 32 or 64 concerts of EM and C. 5.1 storage this 1’s not spec heavy.

But with the regular use, it felt fine from a performance perspective the M. 11 feels like it could be an excellent second phone or it could be a phone you could recommend to people who don’t game more useful and extensively.

Because like you said sh 1 you would want to hear felt right enough there’s the occasional study yes, but for the most part, it was smooth sailing there are a lot of pre-installed apps.

But they can be in and start this is despite us opting out of each installed request during boot moving through the apps browsing the M. 11 felt small.

We have a garden with the support for themes so you can keep your home clean looking interesting. We get about 23 gigs of usable storage out of the 32, which—S. par for the course.

We can always expand further given the dedicated micro SD support talking about the support we have FM radio the space unlocked.

Which is faster and this thing a printout of the box and gets the job done now if you look close when I was talking about the fingerprint scanner you don’t notice that the M.

11 comes with a triple camera setup engine of its predecessors do at the camera. Sansa isn’t precisely groundbreaking; it’s just a depth sensor, but it should help improve the shots’ lives.

The introduction for it what do you guys think how does this look, and I’d love to come back to the Senate side with the M. 10 S.

Which doesn’t have addictions, but sadly, I don’t have the phone with me. One of the few emcees that we did not go well, but the other two cameras at first glance appear to be the same ones from the M.

Dennis 13 megapixel regular and 5 megapixels ultra-wide, which is a small difference this time though the primary 13-megapixel sensors are back with an even faster F. 1.8 lens.

As you can see from these images that the field is shallow, that is, the background gets quite bloody. I also like something’s going to process everything appears to be H. The dynamic range for the prize is acceptable.

There also seems to be a good I’m going to beat it being captured the 5-megapixel ultra wides as useful as you can expect for the segment. It’s not as good as the primary but does serve the purpose of being able to fit more into a single frame.

It’s always nice to have options right technology has gone so fast that we’ve started to expect to forget according to you on budget phones like this and so I mean that’s one.

The thing the M. 11 doesn’t have maybe next time right the police even though it seems to be good and with that, we get to the pricing the galaxy M. 11 started 11000 rupees, and this time there is a higher for 64000000 as well as price 2000 more at this price the M. 11 seems to be an excellent choice for.

Everyone who doesn’t want to buy a Chinese phone seems to be quite a bit of that sentiment going on now, so this might make sense.

What do you guys think is the M. 11 something you see yourself getting it feels like a perfectly functional status.


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