Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition – Gaming Review!!!

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition - Gaming Review!!!
Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition - Gaming Review!!!

Article of the mi notebook 14 horizon edition we showed you a sim game please with the promise of more coming soon well here.

We are today with the dedicated gaming review, then you guys have all been waiting for Hey guys I want to hear from C. 40 deck and if you do end up liking.

No, we went in with low expectations since the Nvidia makes 50 wrestling the week is discrete GPUs that are available for laptops, which means that we were mostly looking at medium graphic 111080 P.

Even on these four titles starting on the list yes yes cool kind of glance the numbers here are decent she was 64 the average FPS with a maximum of over 95 yes and the minimum that’s just creeping Cody frames was second, but if you take a look at the one plus the newest, that’s.

Where we get the real picture, the game sometimes has a sudden different FPS, which means there is a visible screen tearing issue and the game day and stuff he joked.

We even tried lowering the settings, but the FPS dips continue moving along then to another public Eastwood title 49. You play this again and for the screen with medium details at 1080 P.

Interestingly enough, they experience it wasn’t as bad as constraints we could move and even better with better consistency and. One here yes, we did fees a few issues with the keyboard objects popping into view so when the average FPS feel is lower at 47.2.

The deeply felt smoother and more consistent frame dips were pretty noticeable. Something else I noticed while playing the virality was how quickly the keys your bottom dollar don’t get me wrong.

They’re beautiful, but I think had I done the script on this laptop, but for things like gaming from anyone that doctor any feedback from individual keys, it felt a bit lacking at number 3.

We have a new entry on our list I learned this is written new competitive shooter I don’t have to see the team play hill was the best among all. The games you tested as far as setting school by default we’re all set to do it did he beat I know I didn’t see a marked difference involving up to D.

Day levels, so we tried everything, and the default settings and down these numbers don’t do it justice with an average frame rate of over 95 I never felt like.

The game was using any of the lax bikes that we did without the guidance, and yes before you guys do mention it in the comments, you’re out running with the laptop plugged in best performance refine, and I moved out of the Cebu more set to trouble wrapping up our list of the sports channels.

We have public she at 1080 P. The game was straight up on the screen and would freeze for a few seconds at a time, so we decided to lower.

The resolution to 1366 by 768 and how do you do the sex video and the gameplay immediately became much less choppy, so at AGVs can easily hit the 60 frames per second mock and dubs of average FPS and even the minimum in 1 puts the numbers don’t look that.

So if you could live with the lower resolution gameplay, it’s mostly visible in the text, to be honest, then pope she’s people on this machine now as far as triple a darkened school we didn’t feel hopeful much.

But style is your iPhone. I don’t know if I’m ordering during initial testing, so we decided to give that a spin on the Irish cream review. It was a very cinematic 24 FPS, which means cut scenes and platforming portions look good.

This is a gorgeous looking game with creative lighting, and we were able to enjoy more scenes including Este de P. with a medium that what’s the 10 minutes those surrounding this 1080 P.

Panel on the mi notebook 14 horizon meets for helium listen give me the experience, of course, this is no higher fresh fruit screen is a standard 60 hoods, but the budget goes nose and green viewing angles.

Meeks is a fantastic display for content consumption beekeeping all streaming videos of you too coming back to the queue, please once there were multiple enemies on screen with the likes.

He was flying around that’s when things started to get a bit choppy only it will, but I think a few settings might need a bit expedience, and the final three dozen today was you dear five offer experience with Bob G.

We decided the best thing to do here would be what the resolution and begins before her so this is G. D. F. 5 at 1366 by 768 with medium to low graphics settings damage-free and read to your own 56 FPS to just short of that magic 60 FPS number, but the good thing is that the one person.

Who were 23 frames per second, which meant that frame dining swelled, and he was very consistent no and playing G. D. F. I. the temperatures here are pretty much in control, never crossing beyond 70 degrees and shoes?

But we noticed that in other gaming guidance they provided and Fortnite the temperature shock with the CPU hitting close to 90°C and the cheap you’ll getting pretty toasty as right now even with the global mode it was the files inside.

Don’t get too low but the night palm rest AT and does good warm to the touch after right interestingly .it’s not somewhere we’d reduction will give me since most of us would be using a dedicated model for games and of course, since all of this was tested with the CP ward said to double. That is at the higher 25 what did you beat each of the I.

7010510, you will be expected given performance, or did it not connected to a power source.

You know this laptop, so stay tuned for details review dropping soon, but now he is my Dick on giving on the mi notebook 14 horizon edition do not buy this one for gaming.

Tonight that can occasionally help him a bit, maybe you want to run to let you do your frame and don’t mind doing builders, and you shouldn’t be doing so much.

Then the mi notebook 14 horizon edition cabin option but then again the G. force M. X. 3 fifties in entry-level discrete GPU I’m one of the solutions later identified 4500 you present in the east SF 3


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