Dear Smartphone Makers! information

Dear Smartphone Makers! information
Dear Smartphone Makers! information

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the Indian smartphone market brands launching phones at lower prices and under.

The pretext of various reasons more recently even without rights they’ve been increasing the prices of these phones, and I think it’s time someone finally spoke the truth about this Hey guys Asha from C.

Florida, no, I’m not going to ask you or anything at this point, but please share this article with your friends and family if you think this issue is essential.

So what am I talking about not to paint a clear picture? Let’s go back in time a bit. We did a bunch of new phones come out in the first quarter of 2020, for example, released nearly six and only six pro redmi launched.

The movement through an online tool marks even booklet chimed in with the X. 2 then came April 1 and asked the government to rule the GST on the event from 12 percent to 18 percent.

This meant that most companies have to increase the price of the phones and let me be clear. I’m perfectly fine with that. I understand that all these companies are running businesses that will have to remain profitable, especially in these segments, their razor-thin profit margins. Hence, like Google asked in the past.

We did the math on this, and here’s where things did not start to add up. Let’s begin with the redmi note nine proceedings the best for 64-bit end of the record nine pro initial price 12 double nine after the hike.

If we go from 12 percent to 18 percent GST, it should have been 3695 read ME pressured at 13 2000000000 federal states under it up that’s okay no one would know dental Max 14 double nine after the GST hike.

It should be 15 a total, so 15 reminder been reasonable, but they had it up to 164 double nine that’s 500 rupees more actually on ten under ruby’s more not it’s not just that it needed it even sounds so good with the galaxy M. 31 this is rad it’d stop I. T.

It was just open to mistake, but okay, not meant quite shitty but not shitty, you get what I’m saying, but sadly, it does not stop you next. We have another set of price increases.

That we increase is there not Micromax by another 500 rupees again getting it to 70000 rupees the same goes for the pogo whose extreme landed up at 17000 500 and finally.

The only but this time with that in the six that I know what paying 1000 will be increased bringing it to $15 in for the base variant all of these were done in June.

And if you guys remember in the middle of the pandemic when no one was covering the space increases of being much attention to them honestly the worst offender.

Here has to be more dope though model one fusion plus launched at 70000 rupees, and after just the first field, the price went up to 17500.

The same as the public’s too no, I’m not saying companies don’t I would like to increase the price of their phones date most definitely do but boost the amount of a form within a month of release.

After the first seal .kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth, it just means that they never intended to sell it at the launch price.

I’m a little okay with what shall we used to do there did say Hey, this is a price but for the first few sealed.

We don’t and how many sales it’s going to be at a lower price, so that was such a need a better way of doing it the Browns had launched the lord ingredient at a high price only doing.

That will make it available for purchase, but that’s another thing that’s been annoying me that guilty of the same thing why is this such a big issue.

I mean, you ask well it’s actual view was generally we get our hands on phones before or even within a few days of it launching.

When we evaluate a form be assessed based on the launch price in the 10 to 20000 would be segment housing or even a 500 rupee price difference, it means a lot.

It can sometimes mean the difference between a slightly lower value for money phones or rather a somewhat lower-priced one, which might have slower charging compared to a phone that’s priced 500 rupees more with faster charging, and we probably recommend the formal.

Because Hey, that’s 500 Bucks in the judging speed, and all that different in a little different no we view was keep all these factors in mind ventajas.

In the fall, until a few days after the phone is launched, we have the most hype surrounding that phone people search for the device and the C. I. reviews and make buying decisions.

You guys know what this is about first impressions right now how I feel is that this is simply a tactic that these companies are doing to get more favorable reviews with the launch of their product.

It at a lower price undercut the competition at lunch, and then a couple of weeks later increased the amount let’s take the pull cords to this model one fusion plus for the example given how similar.

These two phones are, and given that model had a price difference of 500 rupees to start with someone he was might have preferred the model for the buckle but not with the silent price hike bring them on equal footing the number.

Isn’t it becomes a whole lot different, but people still have this idea in their heads that model of it at auction and they might shell out the extra money for it, but I don’t think you guys thought that either because that is what the reviews of said tremendous and this is where the problem.

Is I want to make sure that you guys get the best and cutest information possible the clear is that I can convey, but bronze on the US side and Judy price tags make this very difficult, so we either have to make an article at every price increase.

Which is not possible given how many phones are launching these days and let’s see even if I did make a deal about a price hike the first initial article is what is going on that’s going to be suggested more.

White is because when the phone is being launched on a lot more people searching for it, the chances of you clicking on the article and watch.

It is higher, so the next time you switch without food stock, the deal is going on. Yeah, that’s what you want to see players, so this is in my eyes is extremely shady, and it and I feel.

Something needs to be said I notified you guys to need to know about this. I will always be honest and recommend the best product to you guys, but these continually changing prices make it intense.

Difficult for us to do so, especially in the price segment like 10 to 20000, but there’s just so many phones being launched almost every day.

So I guess that’s pretty much it for the small little article and again like I said at the start of my when I ask you to lake Chad also scrape okay you know what happens.


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