Redmi Note 9 Review

We have a primary 48-megapixel camera with an F 1.79 aperture and 8-megapixel ultra-light and 2-megapixel depth and macro sensors based on these specs.

These seem pretty similar to the camera setup. we have on the red. We note 9 probes quickly moving along to the Maeno and late like they mean know 10 that came before it. We have a code 6.47-inch amulet panel here.

No one holes either. Instead, we have a waterdrop notch that holds the selfie camera.

Show me has kept the tin vessels here leading to a screen to body show off over 90 percent. Of course, since this is an arm when it vanner we have a splay fingerprint scanner. Moving on today and internals, we have the same Snapdragon 7 though d.g that we had seen with them. We know then that’s coupled with either 664 or 8, 128 gigs of RAM, and demo storage respectively on the battery side of things.

We have a 5260 million power unit in here coupled with a Turkey watt fast charger that shows he claims can get the mcnorton late from zero to 164 minutes to allow the meter delayed.

And we know ten have been identified from the design to the specs to even the display size.

But the optics are what sets these 2 apart. Gone is the 100 and 8 megapixel Sampson sensor. Instead of the primary camera here spoors the new 64 megapixel IMX 6 8 6 sensors from Sony.

There’s no support for optical image stabilization here either. Moving on to the other cameras, we have an 8 megapixel Ultrasuede, a 5-megapixel depth, and finally a 2-megapixel macro sensor. So pretty much an all-around step down in terms of camera BROERS.

I mean, I do wish we had at least the telephoto camera in here anyway.

That about wraps it up for the specs portion of these 2 foods.

We have the known name pro being launched for the global markets. As I said before, it’s the Indian North named for Max. The only difference seems to be that the global version comes with a downgrade at 16 megapixels Sophy’s snapper instead of the 32-megapixel selfie camera that we have on the Indian version.

So when can we expect these phones in India? Well, of filming this article, we don’t have any official confirmation from Red me India yet. But personally, I feel that that admin or name would be making its way here pretty soon.

Now, prices go the US braces for the red. We. 9 is 199$ converted. That comes out to around 15000 Indian rupees. Now, given that the Indian red we know 9 brought costs around 14000 rupees, I’d expect that they would raise the red.

We know 9 a little bit lower, maybe something around the 10 to 12 key mark for that price.

It does seem like a pretty interesting device. Some may prefer the smaller screen depend on. How well, the mediatheque G 85 performs, then we may have a win on them. And of course, we have the red we note name fraud that starts from 269$ globally in India.

That’s the main max and it starts from 16 and a half 1000 rupees. And finally, we have the means then light is starting at 349 euros or about 30000 Indian rupees.

Now, given the domino 10 never made it to India, I think there’s a very slim chance of Dimino DeKnight making it here either.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for this quick little article to tell us which 1 of these 3 phones are you the most excited for? Personally, I am looking forward to the red Maeno tonight. It’s got the new media technology 85 chipsets inside it.

And I really want to see how it stacks up when compared to the Snapdragon 600 and 700 series of processes. What do you think? What will drag me be bracing then 029 in India and let us know in the comments below?

OnePlus Review/Cover By Ayan

We were in the magic pike this out. Let’s go into more combat-ready here. Both of them had that. Still, they both did have the applications open, so farm clubs you will go to European. You’ll see pretty similar to Groupon are pretty identical there Starbucks pretty stupid similar again.

We’re going to want you to. You are too pretty similar. It looks like OnePlus was loading up the page, but it’s not like a total natural we’re going to go to eBay. We’re going to Amazon. And pretty close there thus far and look like pretty close there Instagram so iPhone 10 or towards.

The end started to, you know, introduce some reloading. I will say that the iPhone 10 R. as you get more applications this 12 gigs of ram does make a difference here it just will last it will just open more application to be able to hold more applications than the leftover here for the 10 or so if you want more ram management.

you want better good performance, and you’ll probably want the 1 plus 9 over here over the iPhone 10 are you guys so let’s open up a few pages and let’s see what these guys can do with it go you can see that 1 going to the 10 are over the 1 plus 9 let’s go ahead and go 21 over here 1 plus. .com and let’s see.

We can do better here with a girl, and you can see that one to the 10 is on that one, so it is not cool they are in the same wifi. make up.

I’m just thinking let’s let’s go, and you can see in the media so far his pride just so far he’s faster than chrome what I will say that the OnePlus scrolls a lot faster than the 10 are the tenor of the laptop you’re looking with a 60-hertz version this 120 hurts.

This 1’s faster over here than an iPhone 10 is, but the internet browsing on safari seems a little bit snappier, and its chrome browser here, at least in the festival very smooth 1 tension, that’s a definite effect on both like.

I say I’m going to give this 1 to the 10 are you guys of final geekbench scores are in, and we have a crushing victory in the core 41 plus, but look, it is only stuff that was a for 1 plus here in the single-core.

So we have to get it together here and get a little bit higher scores here in the future. I need android phones because that’s like a 3-year-old phone keeping up there, at least in the synthetic benchmarks. What you see in the real world are both performed well.

But the 1 plus still a little bit snappier women going to 30 marks MC holy 10 R. does against the 1 plus 9 come back from these guys are done final highlights scores are in. You could see that the 10 are lost here to the 1 plus 9. You can see the 1 plus 9 averaged a more considerable frame rate at 33.70 the iPhone 10 R. 29 FPS, so, in wildlife, the 1 plus is the winner.

so I would say it’s pretty safe to conclude that in synthetic benchmarks, the 1 plus 1 both of those and the iPhone 10 are lost in a lot of the applications,

so I would say that the 1 plus 9 faster. If you want to try out an entry form, you get a slick, smooth arc. Gin or west here, and you’re like, okay.

I’ll try it out our treatments in our that could be an option for if you decide not to keep my 10 are going to see what else comes on the line that’s an option to the 10 are still performing a good here so let me know your thoughts on buildings down below.

What you plan to do if you have a turn our worship you can I am the one plus 9 let us know and stay with us because more articles are coming like this I’ll catch you on the next one thank you very much.

So you got a couple of 0 Bucks you’re thinking about buying a second-hand iPhone don’t buy this 1 this is the I. phony, and I explain to you why in this article you shouldn’t buy this phone in 2021.

So what is the guy’s neck here helping you to master your technology? The first reason is the price, so we will go over to eBay and check out where this thing is harboring on the second-hand market could see 179 to 264 right there 169.

I mean, no, these prices are only $75 or so less than if you bought a used iPhone I see 2020. After that, save up an extra wait a couple of weeks to get paid.

You can get this 1 right here on the iPhone. I see it’s a much better deal, so the price is right now they’re just a bit too high, I mean, 50 Bucks, 75 Bucks, maybe it’s a steal.

You know, if you need you’re in dire need of an iPhone, maybe that’s a steal but now for that price currently is not a good deal, so don’t get me wrong but my second reason is the software now it is nice and up to date right now.

You are missing out on anything if you still have an iPhone, which is excellent if you repurchased 1 in the day. Still, right now, this 1 is already going on like its fourth updates can have its fourth significant update later this year, so down the line, apple ones will get more powerful. The software is just not going to be great on this older iPhone 8, not saying it’s not going to have a couple of updates.

I’m pretty sure it will, but this phone right here it’s going to be outdated very shortly here so I I don’t think if you’re planning on buying an iPhone to keep for a while, this is the 1 you want to get in terms of more extended software support.

I am the third reason the performance on the performance right now virtually indistinguishable from the newer, you know, iPhones that are out right now. It’s decent indefinitely has enough power to keep up with your daily iPhone tasks more than enough power right now.

But the thing is I found this phone the start get a little bit warmer than it used to get so that could tell me that maybe it’s becoming less efficient. I will state that if you’re buying expecting blazing fast performance, this is not going to be it to don’t have any promotion display not that the newer ones do hi there we’re waiting on that for you.

Sure, but when that does come out, this will feel even older. In addition, the speed of this phone is a gold Honda will start to the tier you get a little bit slower, so 2 gigs of ram will have you reloading applications more often than you would like.

So while I do think this is still great in 2021 for regular everyday performance, I believe in the future, this is not a great choice just due to it having a 10 nanometer C. P. U.

We do have you know 5 nanometer CPUs in apple’s going to be launching the 3 nanometers C. P. U. in the future, the iPhone’s involved this 1 is already going on 4 years old. So it’s going to be quite for a bit far back when it comes to the overall processor performance.

They give you just doing iPhone use this will still be okay here in 2021 next up the battery life is trash on this phone in 2000 21 I don’t know how to be better to put it; I don’t care if it triggers. You, it sucks. It’s 1 of the worst battery life of iPhones. You can buy this 1 right here definitely can get through a day with light-medium Houston

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