Redmi Note 9 Review

Redmi Note 9 Review
Redmi Note 9 Review

Qaumi today launched three new phones. The bill will variants of the red Maeno nine, the north nine, Brooke, as well as the Meenal 10 late. Now the global variant of the red, we know Kaypro. That’s basically the same as the Indian variant of the red.

We know nine people, Max. The other two phones. Well, they’re completely new.

So let’s talk about them in today’s video. Hey, guys, I want to hear from C40 deck. And if you do end up enjoying this article.Let’s now get started.

So let’s kick things off with the red we know name. We have a glass sandwich designed here with gone in the last five to the front as well as the back, similar to the red we note named Pro and nine pro.

We also have a square camera bump that holds four cameras. More on those in a bit below that, we have the rear mounted fingerprint scanner. Honestly, a Braford displacement over the side mounted implementation that we have on the Indian red.

We note nine pro turning it around. We have the first big change here, the six point six, seven inch display of the bigger note.

Nine pros have been replaced with a smaller six point five three inch IBS since any banner. The punch hole has also shifted from the center to the top left, but it now holds a 13 megapixel socially camera.

So a bit of a downgrade compared to the 16 megapixel camera on the new nine pro.

And only we have the mediatheque helio GMT five running the show. This is a new one nanometer chipset it from mediatheque going by the naming scheme.

This should slide in between the G-8, DNG 90 c.D of Gaming Focus chipsets from the company Red Meat claims that we should see a significant jump in performance here when compared to the Snapdragon six sixty five inside the previous generation. Red. We no date on the memory, say of things.

We’re looking at two variants, one with three gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage, and another with four gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage.

There’s also room for added storage expansion to a macros. He got slot via Blaster’s authority. And so as a three point five M-m headphone, we also might get to see NFC and some of the global variants powering all of this.

We have the same five thousand twenty really unbar battery as we had seen in the North nine Bruces. But this time we have support for only 18 watt fast charging with the charging bryk being included in the box coming to the optics.

We have a primary 48 megapixel camera with an F one point seven nine aperture and eight megapixel ultra light and two megapixel depth and macro sensors based on these specs.

These seem pretty similar to the camera setup that we have on the red. We note nine probe quickly moving along to the Maeno and late like they mean know 10 that came before it. We have a code six point four seven inch amulet panel here.

No one holes either. Instead, we have a water drop notch that holds the selfie camera.

Show me has kept the tin vessels here leading to a screen to body show off over 90 percent. Of course, since this is an arm when it vanner we also have an splay fingerprint scanner. Moving on today and internals, we have the same Snapdragon seven though d.g that we had seen with them. We know then that’s coupled with either six sixty four or eight, 128 gigs of RAM and a demo storage respectively on the battery side of things.

We have a five thousand two hundred sixty million power unit in here coupled with a Turkey watt fast charger that show he claims can get the mcnorton late from zero to one hundred and sixty four minutes to allow the meter delayed.

And we know ten have been nearly identical from the design to the specs to even the display size.

But the optics are what sets these two apart. Gone is the hundred and eight megapixel Sampson sensor. Instead of the primary camera here spoors the new 64 megapixel IMX six eight six sensor from Sony.

There’s no support for optical image stabilization here either. Moving on to the other cameras, we have an eight megapixel ultrasuede, a five megapixel depth, and finally a two megapixel macro sensor. So pretty much an all around step down in terms of camera BROERS.

I mean, I do wish we had at least routine the telephoto camera in here anyway.

That about wraps it up for the specs portion of these two foods.

We also have the known name pro being launched for the global markets. As I said before, it’s the same as the Indian North named for Max. The only difference seems to be that the global version comes with a downgrade at 16 megapixels Sophy’s snapper instead of the 32 megapixel selfie camera that we have on the Indian version.

So when can we expect these phones in India? Well, as of filming this video, we don’t have any official confirmation from Red me India yet. But personally, I feel that that admin or name would be making its way here pretty soon.

Now, as far as prices go, the US brace for the red. We. Nine is one hundred ninety nine dollars converted. That comes out to around 15000 Indian rupees. Now, given that the Indian red we know nine brought costs around 14000 rupees, I’d expect that they would raise the red.

We know nine a little bit lower, maybe something around the 10 to 12 key mark for that price.

It does seem like a pretty interesting device. Some may actually prefer the smaller screen and depending on how well the mediatheque G 85 performs, then we may have a win on their. And of course, we also have the red we note name fraud that starts from two hundred sixty nine dollars globally in India.

That’s the main max and it starts from sixteen and a half thousand rupees. And finally, we have the means then light that is starting at three hundred and forty nine euros, or about 30000 Indian rupees.

Now, given the dimino 10 never made it to India, I think there’s a very slim chance of Dimino DeKnight making it here either.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for this quick little article to tell us which one of these three phones are you the most excited for? Personally, I am looking forward to the red Maeno tonight. It’s got the new media technology 85 five chipset inside it.

And I really want to see how it stacks up when compared to the Snapdragon 600 and 700 series of processes. What do you think? What will drag me be bracing then 029 in India and let us know in the comments below.


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