The Best Phone Realme C15/Cover By Ali Raza

The Best Phone Realme C15
The Best Phone Realme C15

Following on the heels of the Red 9 train really has come up with 2 budget offerings of their own, 3 NBC 12, and see 15 today. Checking out the latter of those devices to find out.

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the regular yellow box. Here comes 2015. And on top in a big, bold font, there’s some more branding on the front signs. The back garden, the spec highlights. Our unit comes into power. Silver kind lit for gigs around and 64 gigs of storage.

That’s 13000 rupees, by the way. And I’ve lujah on the box, though. We get this yellow and so that holds the same ejector pin some documentation.

Next up, we get the food itself peeling off the plastic protective wrap. And this ticket from the back. This is quite a unique take on the gradient pattern we have seen so far. Anyway, we’ll let the phone booth up.

This is the 18th Ward fast charger and the MICRA uses a V cable. Yep.

Despite the name really still hasn’t transitioned this CCD to us. B Deepsea.

OK, so coming back to the food, the overall design here is pretty similar to that of the last real C11. But the back button is kind of different. And the back here has a group reduction does it feels nice and hand and is pretty resistant.

This IEF often does Meat and Darly out of plastic. But the weed here is still over 200 grams to 6000 really Ampol battery that really has managed to cram in here. Despite that, the C 15 sports, some good ergonomics, which is easy to grip under volume and power buttons.

They’re both on the edge of the food and an easy reach. Looking around the rest of the device, the top is left empty.

The left holds the triple Gartree and the bottom is very fine. Most of the votes. 3.5 headphone jack Mike Mike Roseby.

And finally, the bottom-firing speaker upfront. You have a 6.5 inch LCD screen. Real me is calling this the mini drop full screen because of the 10 bezels surrounding it and the water drop not chopped off inside.

We can find the selfie camera, which has been upgraded from the 5-megapixel inside the C11 to an 8-megapixel snapper. It takes decent-looking bitches cropping in a bed.

We can see the details and the skin. And I like the skin tones here.

Coming back to the display, though, Specs Ways is their C11. And while it does get bright with vibrant colors, it’s still an easy dibbler spaniel.

And that, to me is the biggest drawback for this device, especially when we have we named Prime. This offers a fully zipless display, the same Bracebridge. The intent is to nothing to brag about this.

15 is powered by the same media technology, 30 by a processor that we had seen before.

In the C11, it’s good enough for day-to-day usage, especially when combined with three or four gigs of LP DDR for Extrem.

As for the internal storage we have, do you do 64 gigs that are expandable thanks to the dedicated microsecond slot? As for gaming, we have the power of the RGA DC 20 which can run, and Dencio games like Bob Gion Call of Duty, but feels in comparison to the Bali G 52 I do that we take a look inside the Red 9 Premier battery.

We have a massive 6000 million bah train here, a straight 20 percent increase in the capacity compared to the last C11 that when combined with a 7 to 8 TV screen and a less power-hungry chip means that on P it is the reality we 15 should have much better battery life.

And compared to the red we 9 Prain. What’s more, it’s got a leg up on the Chargers with Waterfall’s support. 18 what fast charging, but really includes the fast charger in the box itself for the red.

It’s a separate Birch’s and then there’s a fact the Sieff of Dean Seaboards wire Jewelz charging tags to what Real Me is calling special. Or did you reverse charging?

Moving on to software next year was in a lot of really EU over the last few months.

And while nothing much has changed you over to see 50, we have system-wide dogwood games. GameSpy is good ever and even veejays like the app cloner and dual-mode audio work expected.

Speaking of audio, we have support for real power sound via the headphone jack and the bottom-firing speaker can get pretty loud. We even set out the remounted fingerprint scanner and face a lock and they were both pretty phosphine accurate, which then leaves us with the optics.

The real Mesi 15 comes with Quadrio cameras. The primary totin megapixel camera comes equipped with an F 2.0 lens and good lighting.

It does make some nice living pictures with bright colors. Now, in case you want to bump up the saturation, even more, we do have trauma mobiles in here for low light conditions. Really has equipped the C 15 with a dedicated night.

Now one media and Brugmann from the sea life under the sea.

Fifteen is the inclusion of this. We now have an ultra-wide 8-megapixel snapper that didn’t capture photos with a white and 19-degree field of view.

As for the two remaining sensors, we have one, 2 megapixels black and white lens, and the other one is a 2-megapixel retro sensor. These 2 had reimported photography really has added some color filters in here that can add a bit of fun to the usual portrait snaps. So the cameras here are pretty much par for the course of 10000 repeat arrays.

But I do like the fact is that we have gone ahead and added knighthood into the mix here.

And I think the last line is kind of indicative of how I feel about the real see 50. Based on initial my hands-on the C 15 feels like a very run-of-the-mill device.

I mean, to say it’s bad, there are some highlights here, like the massive 6001 Lampo battery and the 18 what fast charger. But other than that, the rest of the device feels very similar to DRDO phones.

We have the 10000 or we Bracebridge. Yes, the beast 332 gibi variant of the reality we see 50 is available at just under 10000 would be while the 460 4G we weigh and costs a thousand rupees more.

In contrast, the 464 G.V. of the Red 9 prime comes in at the same 10000 rupees a better processor, more and less storage, a higher resolution screen, a type C bought, and a 5-megapixel macro sensor, but loses out on the bigger battery and faster charger.

So which one of these 2 phones would you bring up? Let me know where the comments below. Also, what do you feel? A real me increasing the price of this ECD.

After all, like the BS variant of the C 50, that’s almost 10000 Travis like just one would be shy of it. So what do you guys feel about that again? Let me know why. The comments that we come to the end of this article.

The Galaxy S. 21 Ultra/Cover By Ayan

The former Rogers doesn’t feel it’s clean to use the galaxy S. 21 ultra. You could see in the back they won with this phantom black frosted glass material. It’s like a matte feel. It’s nice here edges of the camera.

You’ll see they are covered in that brilliant idea because right here, it doesn’t get fingerprints either love that Samsung went ahead and did that not over here on edges. Do you have to know this like aluminum build so that you will step back a little bit?

You do have stainless steel here, but it feels about the same, so it’s not a big idea’s a big deal now. If you take a look, you’ll notice that the S. 21 archer is slightly heavier. It is somewhat taller than the tennis Max.

But I think if you were able to handle a phone like a tennis Max and you’re comfortable with it, you know you’ll feel this is a little bit big bigger than the iPhone tennis match, but I think you’ll be able to handle it overall.

You will get a slightly narrower display for the galaxy S. 21 archer. Still, it’s going to be tough to see if you’re not comparing them side by side like if you treated this phone and you weren’t able to, you won’t notice too much probably. Still, I would say yes, definitely a nice are plentiful here in the overall body design display stuff like that.

Look at the display. It has virtually no chance that older Sampson had a bit bigger of a chain there, and if we bring that, you see punctual presentation versus a match.

So definitely a lot more screen real estate. The bezels are even thinner on the sides over the tennis Max, so I think overall. You’re going to be pretty happy with that switch over if you decide to get this in terms of the way.

It looks to build, and things like that it’s a perfect overall device here on the right that’s not taking away from the tennis Max is a very premium beautiful device appear 1000 Bucks for this phone it fuels top notch but this 1 slightly edges, that out for sure.

Now you’re going to want to make upgrade & display as now while there’s nothing wrong with the show and I don’t think it’s leaps and bounds going to change your life you’re going to the Estonian archer you will notice.

It’s just a better display, so Simpson did bring a very similar feature, a true tone here with the galaxy S. 21 arch over here. It’s called to comfort shield can put in this adaptive mode & adjust to the day. It’s very similar to apple with the proper tone. You know, they have their own night mode car dark mode over here for the Samsung Galaxy S. 21. You could schedule that out, so they have similar features.

You’re not going to lose anything if you come over here with this device and display, but you’re going to gain quite a few things. Let me show you what they are. We go to settings here we go to display you can put this thing in a 1440 P. resolution at 120 hertz adaptive rate,

so this thing not only is smoother but at its Max resolution and sharper and smoother than the tennis Max the 11 Promax and even the V. 12 Promax.

So it beats out the last 3 big iPhones in the display for sure now we can crank this thing up to ridiculous peak brightness and sunlight. This thing gets around 1500 minutes ourselves, so you’re going to see this thing with ease and indirect sunlight. Thank you.

You can look at this in the sun just beaming directly on your phone, and you will still see this. Vice, that’s how great this display is an alley that the couple with it being huge.

You do have plenty of things you can take advantage of with Sampson’s multi-tasking older stuff like that, so this is the best display on a smartphone right now in the galaxy S. 21 our truck, so if you do the upgrade iPhone 10 S. Max, you will notice it looks more colorful more vibrant. Yes, you are accessible & tweak the color filters on here.

But it still doesn’t vibrant here for a Sam sung. While I think it’s pretty close in overall quality, there are just those little things that make up for this 1 being better sharper resolution 120 hurts, and it does make for a better experience, so you’re going to be very happy with the switch here.


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