Battery Drain Test

Battery Drain Test
Battery Drain Test

In our last article, we charged up quite a few Bobbio phones around the forty thousand rupee mark and given their all at one hundred person. Now let’s see which one. Last the longest in this battery drain, DST. Hey guys, ASHO from C40 Deck.

And if you do end up finding this article interesting, Let’s now get this article started.

So let’s start with a quick refresher of our contenders from left to right.

We’ve got the show me me, then the Samsung Galaxy Note and Light, the one plus 70, the equal tally. And finally, the real me of Debro to the far right. Of course, we’ve got at Resta Pogo if one keeping track of time. So that’s it for the introductions. And before we dove straight in. Who do you think’s gonna win this one?

Leave a comment down below and let’s see if he can.

If your predictions turn out right now, all forms, they’ve been just 100 percent plugging the charging cables off. We have set them to the same brightness levels across the board and all phones are at their highest clean refresh rate. Let’s start things off with some see foredeck articles on YouTube.

Checking back in after half an hour. The median has just lost one percent.

The real me is fifty Pro and the Galaxy Note in light. They’ve lost three percent each. Well, the one place that in the end, the equal three there died, both losing two percent each. Kicking things into a higher gear. Let’s run Pobjie.

Now, we’re back after an hour. The median, it’s up 87 percent.

The northern light, it surprisingly dropped 20 percent of its battery to one four seven beats at 84 percent. The Eichel Tree 88 and the real me XP Pro 86, all within two percent of each other. What surprised surprised me here is that the northern line had lost a chunk of its battery person despite having a pretty sizable 45 I really my age battery.

That also happens to be the second largest in our test today going on. Or what are some like social media? We’ve opened up the Explorer page on Instagram, scroll it a bit so that every phone has a mix of photos running on it. Let’s let it run for an hour.

OK. So we are two hours and 30 minutes into our test. And here’s how the numbers look.

The meat ends at 82 percent. The northern lights 70 to one plus 70, 77. I called three has taken a surprising lead with 83 percent battery remaining. Well, eggs 50, bro. It’s in the middle of the pack with 78 percent juice left. Time now to stress the chips further, which CFX panch.

We ran the benchmark five times. It’s been four hours into the test.

And the Samsung as well as one plus, they’ve dipped below the 50 percent mark. The X 50 debro is just at the halfway mark.

Well, the IQ three and the median, they are at table Dopplers with 61 and 62 percent battery left, respectively. Looks like the lower interest rate on the ACLE three is helping it keep pace with the median and its larger battery. Switching to ask nine next.

We round the game for an hour straight and all the fans are looking a little worse for wear except the Iku, all other phones are below the 50 percent mark. The median is at forty nine.

Just lower. The real me is at 37, not in light in one place in Indiana at the bottom with 33 and 29 percent respectively. Looks like the smaller three at Alema Age battery. Combined with that 90 holds their first rate.

It’s taken a toll on the one plus 70. It’s pushed it to the bottom. Let’s now try recording some Fourcade video.

After about fifteen minutes of video recording, let’s see how the phones are holding up. The meeting is at 45 percent.

The northern lead has just a quarter of its battery left. The 70 is even lower, 23 percent. The Eagle three is now leading the pack at 46 percent.

And the XP pro, it stays put in third place with 30 percent juice left. Next up, we’ve got another benchmark.

This time it’s Qik, bench five. Like before, we’re running at five times in a row. Are now five hours, 51 minutes into the desert and board the northern light, as well as the one plus 70. There are struggling. The median is at 37 percent.

The ICU thirty nine x 50, pro at twenty three. Looks like the largest brain size, combined with the older and less efficient than an immediate based X nose 98. Dennett’s kind of let them then lie down fighting up a G once more. Looks like the London Light, it couldn’t last the hour.

Dies after six hours and 46 minutes. The one by Sandy is on its last legs as well, and it dies just three minutes later. So we now have the median at 25 percent, the ICU three at twenty seven. And finally, the X debro hanging on.

We just nine percent juice left. So let’s stop the DSTO since the results are pretty clear at this point. The Meedan and the ICU three, they are the winners.

By extrapolating the data, we can see that a combination of the 90 Hertz and 47 A.D. M.H. battery. Despite that, the median should last a total of nine hours and five minutes on our desks. I called three.

Despite the smaller forty four hundred AM age, battery would still take the crown with a total name of nine hours and 20 minutes. That’s why they exploit Debro 5G.

It should come in at seven and a half hours. So the surprising thing here was the Iku winning and despite having a lower capacity battery.

Yes, that’s due to the refresh rate on the smaller six point four four inch screen here. So that’s been hard for this brain desk to which one of these forms surprised you the most?

Personally, I thought the median would come out on top despite the 90 Hertz panel and also the Newton light. I didn’t expect it to die so quick. So leave a quick comment down below, letting me know what you felt.

Also, do you guys want me to do more? DRAINE This. Did you find this video interesting? If you want to see more. Which one should I include in the next. Next rain test? Let me know again in the comments below.

And with that, we get to the end of this article.


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