Battery Drain Test/Cover By Ali Raza

Battery Drain Test
Battery Drain Test

In our last article, we charged up quite a few Bobbio phones around the 40,000 rupee mark and given their all at 100 people. Now let’s see which one. ASHO from C40 Deck.

And if you do end up finding this article interesting, Let’s now get this article started.

We’ve got the show me, then the Samsung Galaxy Note and Light, the one plus 70. And finally, the real me of Debro to the far right. Of course, we’ve got at Resta Pogo if one keeping track of time. And before we dove straight in. Who do you think gonna win this one?

Leave a comment down below and let’s see if he can.

If your predictions turn out right now, all forms, they’ve been just 100 percent plugging the charging cables off. We have set them to the same brightness levels across the board.

All phones rate. Let’s start things off with some see foredeck articles on YouTube.

Checking back in after half an hour. The median has just lost one percent.

The real me is 50 Pro and the Galaxy Note. They’ve lost three percent each. Well, the one place that in the end, the equal 3 there died, both losing two percent each. Kicking things into a higher gear. Let’s run Pobjie.

Now, we’re back after an hour. The median, it’s up 87 percent.

Surprisingly dropped 20 percent of its battery to 1 4 7beats at 84 percent. And the real me XP Pro 86, What surprised me here is that the northern line had lost a chunk of its battery person despite having a pretty sizable 45 I really my age battery.

That happens to be the second largest in our test today going on. Or what are some like social media? We’ve opened up the Explorer page on Instagram, scroll it a bit so that every phone has a mix of photos running on it. Let’s let it run for an hour.

  1. So we are 2 hours and 30 minutes into our test. And here’s how the numbers look.

The meat ends at 82 percent. The northern lights 70 to 1 plus 70, 77. I called 3 have taken a surprising lead with 83 percent battery remaining. Well, eggs 50, bro. It’s in the middle of the pack with 78 percent juice left. The time now to stress the chips further, which CFX panch.

We ran the benchmark 5 times. It’s been 4 hours into the test.

They’ve dipped below the 50 percent mark. The X 50 debro is just at the halfway mark.

Well, the IQ 3 and the median, are at table Dopplers with 61 and 62 percent battery left, respectively. Looks like the lower rate on the ACLE 3 is helping it keep pace with the median and its larger battery. Switching to ask 9 next.

We round the game for an hour straight and all the fans are looking a little worse for wear except the Iku, all other phones are below the 50 percent mark. The median is at 49.

Just lower. The real me is at 37, one place in Indiana at the bottom with 33 and 29 percent respectively. Looks like the smaller 3 at Alema Age battery. Combined with that 90 holds their first-rate.

It’s taken a toll on the 1plus 70. It’s pushed it to the bottom. Let’s now try recording some Fourcade video.

After about 15 minutes of video recording, let’s see how the phones are holding up. The meeting is at 45 percent.

The northern lead has just a quarter of its battery left. The 70 is even lower, 23 percent. The Eagle 3 is now leading the pack at 46 percent.

Next up, we’ve got another benchmark.

This time it’s Qik, bench 5. Like before, we’re running 5 times in a row. Are now 5 hours, 51 minutes into the desert like the one plus 70. There are struggling. The median is at 37 percent.

The ICU 39 x 50, pro at 23. Looks like the largest brain size, combined with the older and less efficient than an immediate based X nose 98. Dennett’s kind of let them then lie down fighting up a more. Looks like the London Light, it couldn’t last the hour.

Dies after 6 hours and 46 minutes. The one by Sandy is on its last legs. And it dies just 3 minutes later. So we now have the median at 25 percent, the ICU 3 at 27. And finally, the X debro hanging on.

We just 9 percent juice left. So let’s stop the DSTO since the results are pretty clear on the point. The Meedan and the ICU 3, are the winners.

By extrapolating the data, we can see that a combination of the 90 Hertz and 47 A.D. M.H. battery. Despite that, the median should last a total of 9 hours and 5 minutes on our desks. I called three.

Despite the smaller 4400 AM age, the battery would still take the crown with a total name of 9 hours and 20 minutes. That’s why they exploit Debro 5G.

It should come in at 7 and a half hours. So the surprising thing here was the Iku winning and despite having a lower battery.

Yes, the smaller 6.4 4 inch screen here. So that’s been hard for this brain desk to which one of these forms surprised you the most?

Personally, I thought the median would come out on top despite the 90 Hertz panel and the Newtone light. I didn’t expect it to die so quickly. So leave a quick comment down below, letting me know what you felt.

Also, do you guys want me to do more? DRAINE This. Did you find this article interesting? If you want to see more. Which one should I include in the next? Next rain test? Let me know again in the comments below.

And with that, we get to the end of this article.

The Galaxy S. 21 plus Review/Cover By Aiza

Okay, so we’re not on superstation ago I hadn’t remembered quickly & just kind of show you how this thing does perform a super reading.

For the galaxy S. 21 plus. It’s steady overall, even if you’re holding this thing. And an action power connection camera here 3 years 21 fourth. So what is the guy’s Nick here helping you to master your technology S. 21 plus 5 G. for review.

This is the 1 that sits in the middle between the big guy over here and the S. 21. All try to get a case on that 1 as well & the smaller as 21 it’s closer to this smaller S. 21 is the plus version of that phone now let’s give it a quick wipe down, you know.

The quick the daily microfiber action making sure it’s clear the people are wondering this is can’t even use all these phones you have no case yes I use the Samsung official letter you could see it sorry a little bit we’re down just a little bit.

Because I’m a little bit rough with my cases, but yes, we’ll get into the key specs quickly here okay so this 1 does have a 6.7-inch dynamic & will the 2 ex-display capable of up to 120 hurts if you go to the motion small this put in the adaptive mode unlike.

The bigger brothers 21 old Troy this 1 does not have 1440 P. that’s a set that’s a step back from the S. 20 plus last year and the supposed to be the upgraded phone but has a lower resolution display, and that’s a mac ready, but on the back, you could see.

We have a nice triple camera setup with 64-megapixel telephoto on there is the highest sensor on there you have a Y. 12 megapixels while an archer is right.

So you got 3 different ways to shoot on these 13 different lenses on the front 10-megapixel camera. The neat thing about this 1 why you want to consider this does a 40 800 milliamp-hour battery stuffed inside.

The S. 21 that this thing is a little bit less at like 4000, so this should last a little bit longer the day I can confirm it has been doing better than the S. 21 now 8 gigs of ram in here, you can get an Exynos 20 100 or a snapdragon 888 depending on where you at but that that depends on where you’re buying this phone app.

But I have to say overall, and it’s packing a pretty good amount healthy amount of flagship specification on here all rights. Let’s talk about the body with the galaxy S. 21 plus you can see on the back here and excellent material this is a glass back here on this phantom black.

That’s a Sam sung down here. A friendly camera off to the left doesn’t stick out or protrude hardly at all, so it’s a very sleek-looking phone if you go off to the edges. You’ll see that that shiny aluminum a ram from.

These phones will not get stainless steel with this addition a little bit more curvy than you’ll find on something like a competing iPhone, giving you more of a squared-off edge.

I could see on the bottom there U. S. B. C., and we do have the sim card tray we don’t have SD card support super sore point, that’s super annoying Sampson please bring it back power users paying 999120 for a Samsung phone.

I think we’ll take advantage of the S. D. card, but do you agree to disagree if you’re not going to bring the SD card back at least up to the internal storage for the consumer so they can have more storage without having to use an SD card.

So that’s just a little bit of an annoying thing there, but what do you display here? You’ll see that we do have a lovely flat shown now. I like this decision because you know putting screen protectors are curved display it’s pretty hard to do.

It’s pretty annoying, so this makes that super easy, and if you look up their symptoms, punch a hole on this display is not super extensive. Still, it’s not like it was on the previous edition, but right here decent overall display on the front in terms of skinny bezels, no chan action, nothing like that very uniform, very flat.

So I’m going to say there’s anything overly impressive about this bill that I think it’s a strong feeling. Just sleep good-looking professional Sam, some foreigners, and there’s nothing like this going to be a superb factor about it.

But it’s not going to disappoint you either going to be like this is a very nice phone and then you’re just going to use it to move on with your life now in terms of weight this thing weighs 200 grams, but I can say I’ve been thrilled with this gorilla glass Vic this right here like.

I remember putting a screen protector on any M. S. 20 ones, and I haven’t received many scratches quickly. I got 1 or 2. light ones on the S. 21, but you can see right here just soft stuff like that on that corner right there nothing too serious so like.

If you don’t want to use a screen protector, you probably won’t get significant necks on this display super easy, but I still advise that you put 1 on if you are going to be holding on to this phone for the same 3 or 4 years because it will get beat up over time.

But I have to say I’ve been pretty happy with the gorilla glass. Vic, this okay, so let’s further discuss this display now. I have to say 1 of the things I enjoy about how smooth it feels day to day this 120 hertz.

It’s just it’s hard to describe on camera you have to use 1 if you haven’t used a 120-hertz phone, go to the store check him out they today it just feels like butter all the time now the real question here with this 1 is there to make the right decision maybe got an S. 21 plus or should I get 1 I’m worried about.

You know, is that resolution high enough? Am I going to say for 90 percent of your day, it’s going to be high enough now if your pixel peeper constantly is looking at a lot of screens like a very sharp monitor?

And you look at this, are you looking into a sharper tablet, or have another? Maybe a more sensitive phone might slightly see a slight difference in the overall sharpness of the display. It’s not strong as the S. 21 archer.

But I think for most users, they’re probably not going to notice it too much. However, I’m not going to give him some credit here. I do think they should be kept the 1440 P on especially considering the price of this device that’s a step back.

I feel like you can get phones with higher resolution than this for this point, so that’s a little bit of a step back, but the overall sharpness is decent enough. The brightness is excellent. This thing is super bright outside; I was able to see it easily.

When I cranked up in direct sunlight yesterday, this thing got so bright it was like I don’t even have to squint nothing you can look right at it everything was super sunny and ready, another outstanding feature about comfort shield for this display.

Y now that’s my custom mode, but the adaptive mode’s lovely hot water taps on the fly in really tweet display depending on the environment you’re in. It’s instrumental. I think that it does help to display let’s look better over time another thing.

I like this display can go in the landscape. I see this about all Simpson phones, and this 1 is no exception. It can feel like a bit of a tablet.

When you’re in bed, because it does adapt to the way you’re going around the U. Y. and having a flat display, it just feels super practical. I do like having a flat display, but the color reproduction is fantastic here just again.

If you cannot deal with 394 PP, I and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to like this phone if you want to 1440 P.

You got to go to the ultra, but other than that, the sting can basically do everything well in terms of the display, and it still feels like a flagship-grade display here & more things about this display before we go forward.

If we take it over here down to advanced features & then we go down here, you will see at the bottom we do have a video enhancer mode now. What this does is it will just liven up the image quality.

It’ll give you more vivid and bright colors. It says right there, but you to Netflix prime video Hulu stuff like that definitely will liven up the content & it does work. It looks freaking amazing I’ll show you that in a second but last display setting.

I want to show the natural & vivid modes. They are adorable because they have a perfect contrast we go to naturally.

It’s very different from the vivid mode, so if I go over here back to display, I take it down to screen methods, and I go to explicit it does liven up things that look so much more colorful, so much more saturated C. can choose to do.

I want that iPhone to look the more natural look, or do I want the Sam sung popping color look? You got the options here for the features. Let’s go over here to you too, and we’ll go ahead and take a look at a video here. Go sideways—every single time.

This does have a 20 by 9 aspect ratio to get bars here on the sides.

But you can see how vivid the image looks on here very lovely with an Aflac display. It’s like your own little TV in your hand, charming minimal change identical to the top there—stunning in terms of a video watching experience.

So that’s lasting on the match on display, so you don’t be concerned about the collection. It’s perfect, and if you’re just a pixel peeper.

You want extra pixels, and then you want to look at the ultra, so what is a software experience been like what we have the one you wish to a 3.line here, and I have to say Simpson clean things up here in their latest version’s a lot cleaner.

I do like the way the sightings look, with the icons off to the left. Just the way they look, they look spotless, especially for a Samsung device.

Now I will still say Samsung is not the most minimal experience. I think pixel does a much better job there. The one plus series does a much better job in regard, but they are clean things up to look at the notification tray super translucent.

It looks beautiful, and even when you go to the dark mode, it looks gorgeous. You can see right there when you have a swipe outlook at that. It just significantly refined very polished looking for Samsung device compared to Sam’s song of before.

So keep that in mind we were comparing Sampson the Sam sung here now you do have so have your Samsung applications here to come combined with the Google apps, so it can be a little bit overwhelming if you’re not used to having.

So many apps at once & I think if you get this one on the Kerrier additions, get some bloatware. Let me know if you picked up how much bloatware is on your phone, but I like how there’s so much customization right out of the get from with the one.

You why so you can do all your widgets here like always like you used to, but you have the entire galaxy ecosystem. You have different icons wallpapers different always on display modes pretty neat in the course, just like with the other Samsung phones. Suppose you swipe off to the edged screen, duet at pairs which you can create in addition.

You could do the split-screen menu. Most of the applications here are an elegant touch and do separate this phone from its competition. There’s not a lot of competition. This respectively tapped that we can switch between the windows giving us, even more, a feature set now that we’re not done.


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