The Realme Band Review

The Realme Band Review
The Realme Band Review

Generally, when brands and those products before launch, we signed an NDA or nondisclosure agreement. We as reviewers are not allowed to disclose anything about the product illicit and ended, after which the embargo on the non-disclosure lifts.

And you’re free to show you guys are hands on hanbok scenes and whatnot.

This time, real news got to we are embargoed. This is the real ME band. And today I’m only allowed to talk about the overall design, show you guys the display and also walk you through what options the real ME band has to offer on Friday is when I can talk about the specs.

Walk you through the ads and share my views on the product. I don’t really like this kind of embargo any more than you do. But hey, this is YouTube.

This is an interesting product and I’m sure you guys want to see artiale on it as soon as possible. So whatever I’m allowed to show you. That is what I want to talk about in today’s article.

And once it goes on sale, I’m also going to be giving away three of these hey guys at Chevron see Foredeck. And if you like, honest transparency or if you like giveaways, Let’s now get this article started.

Here’s how the only band looks. Here’s a live shot, the tracker.

It’s kind of integrated into the band itself. That gives the real me about a seamless look.

It feels pretty lightweight. I expect it to be comfortable for long term use. This track has a Collette’s clean that looks really nice. First up here, we can see the Bluetooth connectivity, the steps walk, the battery status and of course, back in the center time navigating through the band menu as symbol.

Just touch the capacitive button below the display and the band cycled through all the options that are, tell me, end up right back at the clock screen.

So how do we actually get into one of the options? Well, let’s say you want to start track tracking a cricket activity. So if you’re going to play cricket and you want to start tracking it as an activity, go to Cricket and Gap and hold it for a bit. We give this count on countdown time on screen.

And now the real new band is tracking a heart rate, as well as the calories being burned while playing cricket once they’re done playing.

We can go ahead and turn it off the same way, tap and hold. And the band gives us a little summary of the total calories burned along with the average heart rate.

And the max and spike do while playing. And yet there is a hydrogen’s out of the back. We have two other exercise options preloaded onto the band, drumming and yoga. And they work pretty much the same way.

Now, if you want to just measure heart rate and non track activity, then the real knee band also lets us do just that. Frade from here.

And this option. Well, it’s just regulatory info and stuff. Nothing really interesting.

What is interesting, though, is this really man can be charged directly. You think just about any U.S. people just pull the strap off?

Yeah, it comes off just like this and you just plug it in directly and it starts charging. It wasn’t, Bill. And this means we don’t have to carry around an extra charge like you’d have to would see a mid-band or even something like a Fitbit.

But what about the long term effect? Will this have on the strap? Will it end up becoming looser or dying? I can’t really answer that now. And that’s pretty much what I can show you guys. In today’s video. So let’s quickly switch to the give away.

I’m going to be giving away three real knee bands and like the last time to avoid border entries and to ensure real people have a higher chance of winning.

I’m adding a little something extra that I’m gonna be. A couple of questions from this video on the give away page. And if you watch the video, you should be able to answer them with no issues and the rest is pretty much business as usual.

Just enjoy your subscribe to see 40 Decter and does all so the give away it runs from today to the 30th of March and on the thirty first three winners will be chosen at random. And you guys will get arioli round each. So good luck guys.

I guess that’s pretty much it. And again, the winners will be announced.

We had to wait. And if you’re not on Twitter, you can check out the winners by clicking on this team link. You used to end up. So, anyway, Honoria up on the real Nivan.

And do let me know if you have any questions you’d like and that if there’s anything in particular you’d want me to address in that article and I will try to get that done so that we get to the end of this article.


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