The Galaxy Notes Are Amazing

The Galaxy Notes Are Amazing
The Galaxy Notes Are Amazing

Galaxy Handbag 2020 is just a few days away. And you know what that means. And, you know, it’s going to be announced. And that’s something I’m always excited for.

I mean, I don’t know how many of you guys remember this, but the reason Seabury that got started in the first place is because I was the first in know and it impressed me so much that I felt I had to share. It’s been a while since then and you guys have been there to see it all unfold for see foredeck ass. Bless the notes.

So I guess this is as good a time as any to take a look at what makes the Galaxy NCD so special. Hey, guys, Sasho from C for Redig. And if you do end up liking this article, Let’s not get started. Over several years. Samsung has fine tuned the NOOT lineup.

They’ve gifted it out with their best Hamlett panels, giving it some outstanding cameras and basically made it into a software and hardware combination that has set the bar for flagships everywhere.

But these are not what make the North not line up special. I mean, you could get these things with other devices, see, for example, some songs on LCD. So what does set a node apart? It’s this the espin.

Now, let’s go over some of the best features that the husband brings to the table. Things that you just can’t get with other forms. That is what I want to really talk about right now, given the upcoming new launch. Now, have you ever tried to scroll through a spreadsheet on your phone? Let me tell you, it’s really frustrating. It’s not just a spreadsheet.

It’s basically anything that requires a certain degree of precision.

And it’s here that the espin shines scroll around up on things called a button to select a bunch of them. The convenience and the precision that you get with the it’s been so many years later, it’s still undrivable on smartphones, not talking about procession.

I love how you can cut out small chips or Latinate screens whenever I want to.

Again, very convenient. But if you’re more creative than me and want to see a sketch, the 40 96 levels of pressure sensitivity makes this amazing to doodle on. It’s even quite easy to edit small article on the recent notes, the included video edit that can do most of the basic things like cutting clips, adding background music and filters, etc.

Talking about article when I have a lot of pictures and videos in my gallery. I also enjoy how I can hover over them and see the previews. Sampson calls this a view.

Well, it’s not groundbreaking. Once you start using it, you know how much easier it makes life, especially if you have a ton of images and videos to deal with on your phone.

By the way, it even lets you preview emails and messages now from a review we more elections in.

And this is one of Samsung’s newer additions. It helps convert the aspect into a remote control of sorts. We can use it to select apps to perform various functions, like, for example, with music, flic up and down to control volume, left or right to switch tracks.

It even works with a camera app to switch modes. Personally, I loved the remote shutter function for taking group pictures and it just shows just a lot of fun in general.

Now I’m sure you guys know that we can customize what apps appear on this command video, which pops up and the key on the asprin is pressed. But this key also doubles as a shortcut key by itself pulling.

It launches the camera app by default. But a generalist, which it denotes because I like taking quick notes, noting down certain point does when I’m reviewing a phone and tells me not having to type the handwriting recognition gear is top notch and again, tap on them like this and get it converted to text so that I can move it over to dogs and use it for my video script invention.

Well, on the topic of digging, not screen of memo and live messages are also cool little options to help. So that’s been my refresh on the Espin hope. Watching this article has you as excited for the new node as I am talking about which galaxy.

In fact, it’s on the 5th of August and you can catch it later on Samsung dot com.

So what do you expect to see from Samsung? Have you come across any leaks that sound promising? What do you guys feel Samsung should do with a new node? What are your expectations? Let me know via the comments below.

And with that, we good at the end of this little article.


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