The Realme C11 Unboxing

The Realme C11 Unboxing
The Realme C11 Unboxing

This is the real me, C11. Yes. For some reason, Real Me has decided to jump eight generations while naming this one. But honestly, you can’t really blame them, right?

After all, we are second generation pro devices being released out of the blue as well. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Amy’s crest level naming schemes aside, LITTEN balks the really C11 and find out what it’s all about. Hey guys, Ashiya from C40 Deck.

And if you do end up enjoying this article,We have the regular yellow real niebaum here, but pretty much what we’ve come to expect. Branding, more branding. How the information price, which is said to be nine.

Yeah, but sticker prices are always higher anyway. We’re going to have more branding and then the barkhouse the spec highlights. Let’s not open the box and take a peek inside. First up, we get a yellow insur that holds some information booklets as well as this image, Jacobin, underneath that, we have the phone itself.

Taking it out of the plastic go off, getting off the sticker. The back seems to be completely redesigned. I really like the grippy.

Dextre. You know, I’m the real Mesi live and company dispersed. But let’s take a look at what else we get in the desert. Then charger and a micro is big cable.

Despite the jump in numbers, let’s take the CCD is still stocked with the old micro. You, as we know, like I said earlier, we have a completely redesigned back.

There’s a new square camera bump and below it we have much bigger real new branding. Not sure if I’m a fan of this. What I do like is the gripping matte finish.

It helps each much as a way and really still manage to have a kind of color shift effect. Yeah.

Then there’s this smooth line strip that runs across the camera module and down the entire back. It looks quite elegant. The sides how design ongoing definition. At first I felt that this would be quite uncomfortable with that edge digging into the palm.

But the more time I spent with the C11, the more I found out the angular edge actually gives us a nice tight grip. The diction Buckhalter heads with it in hand.

There’s a certain have to this form. That fact doesn’t really unbarred battery inside pushes the way to 196 grams. But it is kind of OK.

It feels well distributed. The bar and volume buttons are both placed to the right side. The nice and licky, that’s for the rest of the placement. We have a triple gotz lot to the top left under the water and the other headphone jack.

Microphone Macarius be poor and to speak up to the front. We have a six point five inch mini drop full screen display.

The resolution hasn’t changed from the real easy three. It’s still an 80 plus panel.

But then that’s sort of what we expect at this price. The results are ending at a Quentin giving the C11 and eighty eight point seven percent screen devoted issue. The launch of Dobb holds a five megapixel selfie shoot.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of selfies that this camera took.

This case don’t look natural and the media level’s pretty good by a five megapixel standards. Circling back to the display, it’s a touch one by default, but really does let us play around with the temperature options. Apart from this. It’s nice.

And LeBron pushing all these pixels of the media. Dacula Yoji 35 chip. It’s not as powerful as the Higuchi Seventeen’s had a real DC three or Naso Denay, but the sea level is expected to be priced cheaply as well. So maybe it’s OK.

That’s a day to day usage. Doesn’t feel quite as smooth. I noticed a few studies, especially the opening of the multitasking menu or crawling through Web pages and chrome, I believe. Bandsmen noticeably slow as we get only two bits of RAM and 30 gigs of unmentioned, slower storage.

Does he live and has the poll BRG 23 24 AGP you. This isn’t something I’d recommend going for if you’re considering gaming on your pool.

The saving grace here is real. These games piece that helps us get the most out of the hardware that we have on board. In fact, looking past the occasional log and random frame drop really wipe our phones pretty Belgya.

We have all the bells and whistles, including a dedicated night moon and even real Neil up features like Dual Mode on you.

I like how reunion’s get the software experience, especially the feature set consistent across the entire range of devices where really has cut corners other than with the internals is with a sundries.

You don’t have a fingerprint scanner. Yeah, no secondary mike either. And the haptic feedback, it is meant at best. But we do get some luck and that seems to work nice and fast forwarding. All of this is a 5000 million bar boundary.

Now the heat Yohji 35 is based on the same twelve nanometer manufacturing process.

The G 70 on the C three, we ought to have the same screen size and resolution as the C3. So going with prior experience batter life on the C eleven should be pretty good as far as charging goes.

Really has decided to stick with the older microglia as we standard and a 10 word charger. And finally coming to optics, we have a dual cameras set up and the primary is a 13 megapixel.

It’s NAPO with an F 2.0 lens initial impression that seems to get some good looking shots. It was a cloudy day in Chennai. Still, the C11 managed to capture the blues in the sky and the details of the new sit in in the shadows.

We even have a chrome mobile option and yeah, that can help get more saturated images.

What’s interesting is that really has endured a night. And here are a few sample shots. That’s what the second camera. It’s a two megapixel dev sensor that helps with age production and reporter jokes like these.

There’s a good amount of detail on the face and the skin doing the D and do so before we can wrap this one up.

Let’s quickly talk about the pricing. Well, as of shooting this video, as always, I don’t have any visual confirmation of the price yet, but by the time this video goes live, you guys will already know what real means.

Launched this new Lebanon. Of course, we would also put the prize and append comment as a lesson description as soon as we get to know what the real me has a couple of devices and they are under 10K Price segment.

The Najid and and the C3, both of which begin at nine thousand rupees.

But they do come with better and only 10 in the case of the naso DNA and added. Presents us with given. This one has nine in the box, I’m expecting it to come in cheaper.

Eight eight one five. So what do we make of it? I mean, do you think this is too much of a step back from something like the C three for the price that real means dropped?

Do you feel really is indeed fix filling a niche with this product?

Leave a comment down below and let me know. And also, if you want to see a full come full review of this, well, let me know on the Colman’s and if you guys wanted help, get it done. And with that, I guess we get to the end of this article.


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