Redmi K30 Low Light Pics

Redmi K30 Low Light Pics
Redmi K30 Low Light Pics

Once we got our hands on the red meat gate 30, we did a bunch of article with that camera batteries and speed dash and whatnot. But one thing that slipped through the cracks was testing on how GCM performed on the capability.

No. Well, they’re gonna change that today. Hey, guys, I from sea for a deck. And let’s now get started.

Now, one thing that I do want to mention here is that the Sony IMX six eight six is still a very new censor. So a bunch of things don’t work quite well yet.

GCM fails to load sometimes and port regs don’t quite come out looking very well.

Same thing about HDR. Plus it looks weird. And while there are some other versions of GCM that allows us to switch between cameras, they have several other major bugs. Which is why we decided to not go with them and just go with this version of GCM in this article. OK. With all that out of the way, let’s now get in the pictures.

So two things are immediately clear here. Blup cameras that take sharp pictures. The detail, those are very similar. Secondly, it seems like the stop camera exposes the scenes by us. Minch.

Now this results in Prida images. So at a glance you might like the ones taken by Newfies camera app a little bit more.

But take a closer look at the colors like the red on the roof here. It seems washed out on the photo taken by the staff camera. On the other hand, colors look more natural on the one shot by GCM.

That being said, if you like them, write up pictures and you don’t mind some colors being a bit more punchy than the others, like the green on doesn’t match, for example. Then the default camera app, it seems to do a pretty good job. Here is another example. Just take a look at it.

Let’s not one to sell fees. It’s much of the same trend. Yeah, it is maybe slightly better on the GCM, but at a glance the picture is taken by the stock camera.

They look better since the face of the subject. It’s bright. Overall, I’d go to stock GAMCO, but now we move on to the bar.

That’s the GCM strength. Lullay shots. And once more. Neither side is able to work its magic. The shots come on much brighter. Zooming into the hot, you can see that the resulting image is sharp. Laswell GCM as read any more didin.

And there is significantly less noise when compared to the image schunk with the default camera app.

Now do not do that with the default camera app as well. Using the night moon, here’s another picture. And GCM has brought out the green in the leaves beautifully.

Well, the default camera app. It kind of looks dark and has a lot of detail smushed out. But that being said, the difference has become much less dark when there is even an artificial light source like a street lamp in the corner of the frame.

Yes, the GCM shots are still right and crisper. But nightman on me, you I still does a pretty decent job.

The difference is in ask noticeable unless you fix will be OK.

So one last thing that we decided to test out was night site with a selfie camera. There is no night move on the default camera app and the new light se with.

You can see for yourself how bad they are. With neither side though, you can at least see this subject so that that’s a major improvement. Yes, there’s a lot of nice here and the details have been smushed.

I don’t disagree. The Sophies have a watchdog going to look to them, but hey, at least the subjects faces visible. Right, I did.

That’s a conclusive win for GCM in this regard. Is it not time to wrap this one up? Readonly seems to have done quite a good job here with the data I’m processing on the gate 30.

The pictures at a glance, they look sharp and are pleasing to the eye with bright and often punchy colors. That being said, this is the first form to come with a new IMX six eight takes only Sensa.

So I’m hoping that in a few months time when you see more forms, come on with this 64 megapixel sensor and me also gets a few bits in routine, better performance and a book daylight as well as good conditions as well.

The GCM boards for the key 30 that should improve with time do and fingers crossed.

We should be able to see the board work with the wide angle camera as well in the future. If when that happens, I will update you guys on Twitter.

Doesn’t make sure that you follow me on Twitter. It’s ADC 40 DEC. And finally, if you only read me at 30 and you want to try GCM on it, then the download link is in the description below. Do check that out. I guess that’s pretty much it. Oh yeah.

We’ve got a couple of giveaways running at the moment. Galaxy S10 Light. Galaxy Note and Light have links to that in the description as well. So go ahead, check it out if you haven’t yet. And do you like this video? You didn’t like this video.

Whatever it is. Let me know. Yeah. A thumbs up or thumbs down.

Then I’m notifications where heading that bell icon. Do you want me to continue doing more Jegan articles?

Do you find GM videos interesting? Yes. Which one should I try GCM out with next.

And also what do you think of GCM? Andre Beaky, 13 in particular, did didn’t perform as well as you expected it to. Let me know in the comments below and I guess that’s pretty much it, guys.


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