Realme 6 Pro Vs GCam – Nightsight

Realme 6 Pro Vs GCam - Nightsight
Realme 6 Pro Vs GCam - Nightsight

The realis explo has one off, if not the best camera set up that we can find on a phone in and around the fifteen gig price range.

Today, we installed GCM on it to find out if we can actually take it one step further and let’s see how they’ve done that. Hey, guys, Ashu from Zee Foredeck. And if you do end up liking what you see in this article.

Let’s now get this article started. So I guess the first thing that caught my eye was that the GCM images here never consistently of a higher file size than the ones shot with the regular camera up.

Take, for example, this picture of the white flower. The shot taken by GCM is more than double the size of the regular real MI six camera or other real MI six grow camera up.

That increased size translates directly to more detail, like on the diction of the Bedell’s here and here on the data of the Scotter. Of course, by now most of you would have already noticed the color difference. The real me camera ab shoots wammo pictures.

Well, the GCM ones up, they are more natural. We can really see it in shots like this.

The one of the hot. Of course there are some shots where it kind of works out against the GCM like this one of the trees. By default, the camera shoots a brighter image where most of the tree is visible.

GCM, though, it has read in the shadows the details there more accurately. And if we punch in, we can see that in the shadows. The details are still there.

They preserve better. So overall, I kind of prefer the more natural colors and the better detailed levels. The GCM has managed to capture. So I think it is a big step up from the regular camera map. Let’s not take a look at portraits. And weirdly enough, it seems like the introduction is actually better with the regular camera app.

GCM has kind of messed up his hair. Also, both apps have failed to differentiate between his chin and the grille here. But GCM has botched it up more.

That being said, this skin doing that a whole lot better with GCM, you can see more decal on the skin as well. So the subject of the portrait is what matters. Then this is another one for GCM. Looks like this board here is working wonders with the 61 megapixel GW one sensor on the selfie side of things.

It’s the same story. The introduction is compatable, but GCM captures better skin tones.

The default camera app kind of brightens up the face, which leads to a loss of magical details on the skin. So these were the shots taken by the IMX 471. That is the 16 megapixel primary selfie camera.

This version of GCM doesn’t let us shift to the secondary ultrasuede, so we were unable to compare those. Now we have seen how much the delayed shots have improved here.

So let’s check out. Next, shall we? Side by side, we can see that the processing on GCM is a bit better.

We get less noisy images. That said, the punchier colors of the default camera app work in its favor. The pictures look more vibrant lately, even as far as details go to stock camera.

It actually does better, as you can see in this and other images. The GCM images, they might look brighter, but they also came out looking a little blurry. There definitely is potential here, but it looks like knights side on this board. It needs a bit more tuning.

We even have an astrophotography mode so it can take shots like this.

If you zoom in, you can see the stars. Since this is one of the early reports for GCM, for a real MI six pro, there are plenty of bugs here.

For example, Fourcade, regarding the TORVILL. It doesn’t really work. We can only shoot seven to any B footage. Anyways, I’m hoping for better GCM boards to follow soon. Once we get more quality improvements, better stability, a better night, more than support for the cameras. I would definitely let you guys know.

So stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter. I would keep you guys updated. I mean, you can imagine the detail levels that we should be able to capture with the telephoto lens, for example. Right. And then there’s the wide angle TV camera.

Do we always on the lookout for new GCM bills? And guys, there is a board for the real me six, too.

I did try that out, but it’s not really stable and it did not bring about any improvements. Were shooting a video about. So I decided to skip out on that one. I leave a link to that board in case you guys are curious.

Of course, I’ll be leaving a link to the real MI six pro GCM board and the description allowed love to leave a link to that reel. MI six bought in the description.

Do check it out if you want to. I guess that’s about all for me for this article.


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