The POCO X2 Review

The POCO X2 Review
The POCO X2 Review

The bulgogi x2 is a great device. In fact, according to us, it’s the most well rounded phone under 20 gig. But with a few minor tweaks, I feel like it could be even better than it currently is. Hey, guys, I want to hear from C40. And in today’s article.

Here’s how I would have specked out the pourquoi x2. So if you do end up liking this article, please consider subscribing and turning on notifications.

Ray, heading that bell icon. No, we are not going to do anything unrealistic here. So it’s not like I’m putting it in a Snapdragon 865 inside my version of the ball, Greg Stoop. Instead, we’re looking at some small changes that I think would make the Baucau x2 an even better way.

So starting with the design, the treaty of glass back, it looks good, feels premium.

So I’m not going to change anything there. The front door. Well, here’s where I change a few things. We have a six point six seven inch IPA spanel with the dual puncher’s.

Now, me personally, I do over the secondary depth sensor here. Selfie cameras and depth detection algorithms have gotten good enough that a single 20 megapixel camera like the one in the pocho x2 should do just fine for Nordman selfies as well as selfie portraits. The next thing that I’d like is a smaller screen.

Something like a six point five inch panel would still offer a similar screen real estate as the six point six seven inch display on the pocho x2. But the review size would make the phone a bit more easier to use.

Now, ideally, I’d have like a six inch screen here, but then, as I said before, you’re talking minor changes.

The last thing that I would change is that a fresh fruit? Yes. Hundred for any HEARD’S is the biggest selling point of this phone. But then powering it is a Snapdragon 730 G.

I know this is a premium mid-range offering from Qualcomm. And since it’s a mid-range SHC, it would find it easier to push out 90 frames a second consistently. So the refresh rate that lauded Dongara 90 Hood’s the UAI would still fields not be in fluid everything the height that sampling remodel.

And since most popular games like Bob G and Call of Duty don’t even support free Reed’s above 60. The skin response times would feed just as fast as before.

Of course, even in groups where there is support for higher frame rates, we would still get to enjoy the buttery smoothness of a 90 year old spanel with the smallest screen and a lower refresh rate.

We should be able to get to it with a lower capacity battery. That means reducing the battery size from 4500 to 4000 million people. Should also let us reduce the rate of the device from 210 grams ish to around 190 grams mark.

Of course, we would still retain the 27 watt fast charger and even with a reduced battery, we should be able to get similar battery life and a zero 200 charge timing in under an hour.

Finally, when it comes to the cameras, you’re really happy with the performance of the 64 megapixel primary camera is the latest IMX 686 sensor from Sony. And we loved the pictures that it takes the two megapixel depth and macro sensors. Still, they’re going to seem to have been tacked on just to make up the numbers and look good.

Know me personally, I would swap out the two megapixel macro camera for a higher 13 megapixel android.

Not only would it take better and more detailed pictures and a eight megapixel sensor that we currently have, we can also use it in the macro mode. A lot of other OEMs have already done this. You can crop into the 13 megapixel sensor and use it for taking dedicated macro images.

Having three cameras instead of four and only one selfie camera would free up some space inside the phone.

And hopefully we would be able to use that to get a dedicated microsecond slot and served a hybrid solution that the forklifts and our sports nut, I think ballcock would have done all these shinji’s and still give the X2 at the same 17 key price, of course, as some of you may have noticed.

Making all these changes would mean the Butko X2 would end up being similar to the real MI six. In some ways.

However, the Snapdragon seven to d.g the improved camera setup and a bigger form factor would mean that it would cause even more of a challenge to the real Misick sprawl than it currently does.

Now, if he had a little more budget, adding an amulet screen and swapping out the depth sensor with a telephoto sensor would have probably made this the perfect budget form.

But then again, it might have pushed it over the 20 key mark. So that’s how I would have designed the pocho x2. Agree or disagree? Let us know via the comments below.

Also, do let us know if you think we should turn this idea into a series. We could dig Fawn’s from various price ranges, tweak them a little bit and see if they turn out to be a better rate. As always.

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