The Google Pixel 4A

The Google Pixel 4A
The Google Pixel 4A

Google waiting for it is finally here. After months of waiting, all the leaks and rumors, Google finally took the rats off the pigs. Florida yesterday and into this article.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Google’s latest midrange pixel authoring. Hey, guys, Ashu Ramsey, foredeck. And if you do end up liking what you’re seeing this article, please consider subscribing and turning on notifications about hitting that bell icon. Let’s now get started. Let’s start off with a mid-range part of the pixel theory.

Well, the Indian price is still announced in the US.

The 40 is priced at three hundred and forty nine dollars. That’s fifty dollars lower than the launch price of the big city and also fifty dollars lower than what one plus north is at globally.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the pixel forever will be priced lower than the northern India, since pantless have been very aggressive here and it’s been nine to ten dollar global price that has been translated to about be signed in India and does even at three thirty five dollars. Sixty year variance on the Amy.

Now Google is only offering one million six gigs of Bedelia for Ekstrand, 128 gigs up you up as 2.0 in storage. Now this being a Google phone, of course that is no expansion option.

That on Jagdeo as being the den, just like with the Big Sun three. And similarly, the fingerprint scan also remains rich in the time of masks. It’s amazing. Look, there are many other options, either, at least not at the launch, just a solitary Matlack finish this.

And as with the big sun, three is plastic. It seems to have a tiny bit of flex ASPO, MPB, HD.

But the buttons are supposed to be super tactile. The accented but will key to the side is a nice touch, though the phone overall is pretty sleek at eight point two millimeters and also quite light it under one hundred and forty five grams.

Thanks to that plastic belt and the presence of a 31 40 million barback. As far as charging goes, it supports USB, PD and up to 18. Lots of charging.

The battery capacity itself is quite small here. By 2020 standards, but has opted to go with a smaller five point eight inch audit panel. Felicity plus a standard 60 votes for first rate.

So the battery capacity should be OK ish. The display is supposed to get very bright, though. Initial reviews again seem to suggest that this is an excellent panel. For the first time, Google’s opted for a punchable display.

The punchable houses, an eight megapixel selfie camera that, as expected, shoots exceptional settings, especially the portrait, seem to be amazing.

One of the areas where Google usually cuts costs is with the specs underneath. And that continues to be the case with the as well. At the heart of everything lies Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 G. A very good mid-range ship, though not the latest. For example, the Nahed has the Snapdragon 765 G, which is at least 20 percent more Barthel.

Google does counter this lack of power over two a software stock Android Denn is what the pixel is running on.

There is special pixel features like now playing live captions for almost everything, including call it now called screening and supported markets and more.

Of course, this being a pixel phone, it’s guaranteed bids for three years. Most Android flagships get two years while mid-range. Those are lucky to get one. Yeah. The highlight of every cell phone has been the camera to the back and that continues the pixel for it.

It’s no different. We get a solid 312 megapixel sensor with an F one point of a lens.

And initial reports coming out again seem to indicate that the performance is right up there with the pixel for much better than the Nahed or the iPhone. I see making this the best camera phone in the segment and achievement considering how jam packed the mid-range has become.

All pixel camera modes like 98 for amazing low light performance and astrophotography are made available. But it seems to be a well-rounded package. Google has confirmed that this is coming to India soon.

Like I said, there is no pricing announced yet, but going to the fact that it has launched e-book than what the two year launched date in the US last year up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this lands in India at around twenty five thousand rupee market at this price, it might not be able to compete specked suspect with the likes of the North.

But it does have that pixel branding, the Google software, the promise of three years of updates and that spectacular gomera.

That would just make it an interesting enough proposition. What do you guys think? Is this a phone you’d be interested to get your hands on? This is too little, too late from Google. Leave a comment down below and let me know.

And with that, we get to the end of this big little article.


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