Realme The Budget Smartwatch

Realme The Budget Smartwatch
Realme The Budget Smartwatch

After interviewing me back, it looks like the company is gearing up to launch its new wearable. There will we watch. We saw a glimpse of it in the latest ask of Episode Real. You might have said we’re seen sporting the watch.

And now, thanks to the recent leaks by the fine folks over at 68, we now have a much keener look at their Jamy watch. Hey, guys, I want to hear from Z4 ETEC. And today we are going to take a closer look at the reason we watch.

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It seems like we have a squad, Dyle, with rounded corners.

There’s a sizable bezzle surrounding it. And to the bottom, we have some real me branding as far as the display itself goes. It’s supposed to be a one point four inch DFT and city touchscreen panel with a 320 by 220 resolution like the real me man.

This is also supposed to be a full color display. I just hope that the brightness here is a tad higher since the real rebound really struggle when it keep door to visibility. Moving on from the DSP, we have our physical button to the site that’s supposed to lock and unlock the device, as well as provide some other functionality like we see with the capacitive button on the back and forth.

Of course, since this is a touchscreen interface, we’re expecting a lot more functionality to be baked into the watch itself. Now, before we jump into the software, let’s quickly take a look at the rest of the hardware.

The leaks should really be watched with different band colors and, well, we can’t really see the back of the watch.

I’m hoping that these bands would be swappable as far as charging goes. We have a few exposed spins at the bottom. Looks like the Ruby Watch will be using some sort of a proprietary charger with magnetic Butkovitz. There’s also a heart rate sensor there and the whole body seems to be made out of plastic.

That being said, we might also get to see a P6 eight water and gas resistance in here.

Wrapping up the hardware leaks there does seem to show some sizable site visits. That’s consistent with The View, one that really has managed to cram in 160 million bar battery in here. That should probably give us somewhere around 70 years of battery life.

It’s 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Jamie Watch is also supposed to be equipped with an acceleration sensor as well as a blood oxygen sensor. As far as connectivity is concerned, we have Bluetooth 5.0, but not on board UBS.

Now, this watch is supposed to be running on a customized version of real means, wearable W. So no support for Android. In fact, the real ME watch is more like an upgraded real rebound rather than a two smartwatch.

So in terms of functionality, you’re looking at the very basics. According to the leaked images, we would be able to track our steps. Many did measure a heartbeat and keep track of our exercise on a daily basis.

These are the four options on the first beach. The next beach has four more options.

Music Control’s acting as a remote trigger for the camera. Finding a connected device and finally measuring the oxygen level in unplug the toad pin has again four options. Alarm clock, stopwatch, weather and settings.

So in order to have green features arranged in three a windows like them, even for the music app on the real ME watch should allow us to play, pause, skip tracks and control the volume through the watch itself. Also, it seems like we would have removed sugar capabilities for our smartphone cameras built right into the watch as far as exercise tracking is concerned.

There will be what should be able to track of 215 different kinds of exercises, including outdoor running, walking, swimming, indoor running, outdoor writing, aerobic capacity, strength training, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, indoor riding, yoga, elliptical machine and cricket.

The last being specially meet for the Indian audience. And like to me, man, you can also set reminders to drink water at regular intervals and move about if we have remained stationary for too long.

We also have a dedicated activity map that shows the weather along with a brief summary of our. So we have sleep monitoring, health radar monitoring and step counting.

The rain we watch should also be able to store our data for up to 70s on the watch itself without needing to sync with the app. Speaking of the app, the watch is supposed to come with five preloading watch feces and there should be support for downloading and thinking more. Watch Freese’s from the app itself.

I hope like them, you ran for the real me, which would also allow a third party watch Freese’s to be downloaded and used the biggest feature.

Do my tweet. The watch is supposed to come with buildOn support for Hindi here in India. Language can sometimes be a big barrier for entry and the support for Hindi might help in peace. Smartwatch, adoption. Among them.

By now, you guys might have guessed that this isn’t a fancy Android smartwatch instead.

This is a budget smartwatch with its focus mainly on health and fitness. Well, we don’t really have any new about the pricing yet, but I’m guessing that you and me would be bracing it quite aggressively here in India. Now, the AMA is fed up late.

A similar kind of a smartwatch is based around 2500 rupees in India. So I’m guessing that really we would also be bracing to really be watched somewhere under 2000 to 4000 rupee one. Interestingly enough, we didn’t really notice any app inside the watch for controlling push notifications from your smartphone.

No one would really, really leave out such an important feature. Firstly, I don’t think so. But then I would like to know what your guys thoughts are. Also, let us know in the comments or what do you think about the real me watch.

What do you like to buy one. And what phrase that said for this aticle.


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