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Beat The iPhone 11 Pro Max

Beat The iPhone 11 Pro Max
Beat The iPhone 11 Pro Max

ACS has left no stone unturned in their effort to make the Araji Point three, the fastest Android phone on death.

But does that mean the Araji phone three can beat the iPhone to live in Flomax in a speed test? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in today’s article.

Hey, guys, ASHO from Foredeck. And if you do end up finding this article entertaining.I’m sure most of you are pretty familiar with this beat desk format by now, but it gives you a joining us for the first time. Here’s a quick rundown.

The DST has two rounds for the first round. We have some light apps and gasohol games. The second on his rabbit. Step it up, but have your eyes. Graphically intense games and article render that Bush has the CBO cheap.

You can also test the story at speeds. Now, each drone has two laps.

The first lap chix the app opening times on the second lap is where we compare our management. Of course, we should play our regular little game of guess the winner. So who do you think is gonna win this one?

That is, no with your guesses in the comments. Leave a hashtag iPhone or hashtag Araji. So with that said, let’s not continue to this beat desk.

The Araji Form three has been set to 60 hoods in an effort to keep things fair. Both worlds are connected to the same wireless network and there are no ads running in the background. By the way, the Araji phone is also on Exmoor. Let’s not go ahead and start the stopwatch.

Starting off with Super Mario, Don. And what’s this, the apple actually bakes and only.

We are already in the second row of apps and the iPhone has consolidated its position with a one up lead. And it seems that will be enough for the living people, Max, to clinch the first lap or the timing of. Thirty seven seconds.

The R.G. Form three is hot on its heels. Coming in just a couple seconds behind. Both forms breeze through land management, leaving the iPhone the winner of the first round with the timing of 53 seconds.

The original entry has actually fallen further behind, ending ground in 58 seconds.

Now, the reason why the Araji formed three fell behind despite not having to reload a single app is because the animations on the are longer and they are a little more drawn out. Which means Ben quickly switching from an app to another one.

You know that management from the orangy form, it doesn’t recognize the Dutch input. Did the previous up animation has been completed and that is a disadvantage, but hopes not lost yet.

Since the Snapdragon 865 plus might just be able to mount a comeback once we have larger, more demanding games and add article to the end of the Wii using the video shop up today we are using the same for gig live with Bonnin.

Set it at 30 percent. Everything’s ready to render. This time we’re starting things off with Bob G.

The iPhone once more gets a move with the lead. Well, the change in orientation of the exiting pobjie cost the Araji phone three precious time. Now, this means the Araji voluntary once more falls behind by another.

But the end of the second row, perhaps its money should reduce that distance.

And finally, with Hot Star, they are on even footing, which means they head into the video rental test at the same time. But these powerful jets make short work of the render. But do you ever sleep on one storage on the Araji form? Three Moons. It comes out with a lead liebe. And it maintains that finishing the first lap in a minute and seven seconds.

Nearly five seconds before the iPhone game completed. Now, does this mean the Araji Phone three can pull off an unlikely victory?

No, just low animations on the orangy form free allows the iPhone to catch up and even slip away with a narrow victory. It is the second round in a minute and 34 seconds by the original and three is banned by just one second. Let’s not worry.

With the phones and jigaboo timings, things became so hairy in the second round with the Snapdragon eight 65 plus pulling off a late comeback of the performance lap.

Unfortunately, though, the iPhone was just too quick, with its animations shaving off fractions of a second as it recovered faster from closing ups. That said, the Araji phone tree is still extremely fast.

Maybe ease’s might even end up speeding up the stock animations in the future. But for now, the iPhone 11 Flomax, it continues to demand SB desking by the slimmest of margins, literally.

With all that said and done, how many of you guys got your guesses right at the start? I certainly did. I expected the Araji phone few to take this one. So the results kind of took me by surprise. Why won’t you let me know in the comments below?

Anyway, with that, I guess we’ve come to the end of this beat desk.

Redmi Note 9 Review

Redmi Note 9 Review
Redmi Note 9 Review

Qaumi today launched three new phones. The bill will variants of the red Maeno nine, the north nine, Brooke, as well as the Meenal 10 late. Now the global variant of the red, we know Kaypro. That’s basically the same as the Indian variant of the red.

We know nine people, Max. The other two phones. Well, they’re completely new.

So let’s talk about them in today’s video. Hey, guys, I want to hear from C40 deck. And if you do end up enjoying this article.Let’s now get started.

So let’s kick things off with the red we know name. We have a glass sandwich designed here with gone in the last five to the front as well as the back, similar to the red we note named Pro and nine pro.

We also have a square camera bump that holds four cameras. More on those in a bit below that, we have the rear mounted fingerprint scanner. Honestly, a Braford displacement over the side mounted implementation that we have on the Indian red.

We note nine pro turning it around. We have the first big change here, the six point six, seven inch display of the bigger note.

Nine pros have been replaced with a smaller six point five three inch IBS since any banner. The punch hole has also shifted from the center to the top left, but it now holds a 13 megapixel socially camera.

So a bit of a downgrade compared to the 16 megapixel camera on the new nine pro.

And only we have the mediatheque helio GMT five running the show. This is a new one nanometer chipset it from mediatheque going by the naming scheme.

This should slide in between the G-8, DNG 90 c.D of Gaming Focus chipsets from the company Red Meat claims that we should see a significant jump in performance here when compared to the Snapdragon six sixty five inside the previous generation. Red. We no date on the memory, say of things.

We’re looking at two variants, one with three gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage, and another with four gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage.

There’s also room for added storage expansion to a macros. He got slot via Blaster’s authority. And so as a three point five M-m headphone, we also might get to see NFC and some of the global variants powering all of this.

We have the same five thousand twenty really unbar battery as we had seen in the North nine Bruces. But this time we have support for only 18 watt fast charging with the charging bryk being included in the box coming to the optics.

We have a primary 48 megapixel camera with an F one point seven nine aperture and eight megapixel ultra light and two megapixel depth and macro sensors based on these specs.

These seem pretty similar to the camera setup that we have on the red. We note nine probe quickly moving along to the Maeno and late like they mean know 10 that came before it. We have a code six point four seven inch amulet panel here.

No one holes either. Instead, we have a water drop notch that holds the selfie camera.

Show me has kept the tin vessels here leading to a screen to body show off over 90 percent. Of course, since this is an arm when it vanner we also have an splay fingerprint scanner. Moving on today and internals, we have the same Snapdragon seven though d.g that we had seen with them. We know then that’s coupled with either six sixty four or eight, 128 gigs of RAM and a demo storage respectively on the battery side of things.

We have a five thousand two hundred sixty million power unit in here coupled with a Turkey watt fast charger that show he claims can get the mcnorton late from zero to one hundred and sixty four minutes to allow the meter delayed.

And we know ten have been nearly identical from the design to the specs to even the display size.

But the optics are what sets these two apart. Gone is the hundred and eight megapixel Sampson sensor. Instead of the primary camera here spoors the new 64 megapixel IMX six eight six sensor from Sony.

There’s no support for optical image stabilization here either. Moving on to the other cameras, we have an eight megapixel ultrasuede, a five megapixel depth, and finally a two megapixel macro sensor. So pretty much an all around step down in terms of camera BROERS.

I mean, I do wish we had at least routine the telephoto camera in here anyway.

That about wraps it up for the specs portion of these two foods.

We also have the known name pro being launched for the global markets. As I said before, it’s the same as the Indian North named for Max. The only difference seems to be that the global version comes with a downgrade at 16 megapixels Sophy’s snapper instead of the 32 megapixel selfie camera that we have on the Indian version.

So when can we expect these phones in India? Well, as of filming this video, we don’t have any official confirmation from Red me India yet. But personally, I feel that that admin or name would be making its way here pretty soon.

Now, as far as prices go, the US brace for the red. We. Nine is one hundred ninety nine dollars converted. That comes out to around 15000 Indian rupees. Now, given that the Indian red we know nine brought costs around 14000 rupees, I’d expect that they would raise the red.

We know nine a little bit lower, maybe something around the 10 to 12 key mark for that price.

It does seem like a pretty interesting device. Some may actually prefer the smaller screen and depending on how well the mediatheque G 85 performs, then we may have a win on their. And of course, we also have the red we note name fraud that starts from two hundred sixty nine dollars globally in India.

That’s the main max and it starts from sixteen and a half thousand rupees. And finally, we have the means then light that is starting at three hundred and forty nine euros, or about 30000 Indian rupees.

Now, given the dimino 10 never made it to India, I think there’s a very slim chance of Dimino DeKnight making it here either.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for this quick little article to tell us which one of these three phones are you the most excited for? Personally, I am looking forward to the red Maeno tonight. It’s got the new media technology 85 five chipset inside it.

And I really want to see how it stacks up when compared to the Snapdragon 600 and 700 series of processes. What do you think? What will drag me be bracing then 029 in India and let us know in the comments below.

The fastest Android Devices

The fastest Android Devices
The fastest Android Devices

One place is famous for making some of the fastest Android devices on the market.

So it comes as no surprise that once you manage to get your hands on the latest computers from them, the one percent pro we decided to build in a speed test against the current smartphone performance champion, Apple’s iPhone eleven Permax. Hey, guys, I want to hear from C40.

And if you do end up enjoying this article,And on notifications were hitting that bell icon. Let’s now get started. But this is a Seabury Textiles retest.

So we are going to have two rounds each with two laps. The first round is going to be casual. We are going to be trying out the apple banning times of some normal apps like Facebook and Twitter.

And are you going to throw in some casual games like Super Mario run the second round is going to test out the hardware some more.

So are you gonna to add some heavier apps along with some graphical intensive games? Even gonna render a video? As far as the labs are concerned, the first lap is all about the opening games. The second lap, it’s about ground management. Before we start.

It’s time to get your predictions in. Who do you think will win this retests?

There’s a Snapdragon 865 stand. A chance against Hoti Vannak or Alive on and pro Macs end up crushing the one plus April. Do let us know what your guesses are. We’re living a hashtag. IPhone or a hashtag one plus eight pro and the comments below to make things as fair as possible.

We’ll reduce the refresh rate of the one plus eight crew to match the 60 hould span on the iPhone. Board phones are connected to the same wireless network and there are no absenting in the bagno. Let’s now go ahead and start the stopwatch.

Opening up. Super money run. If one looks at a faster taking an early lead, by the time the one percent pro finishes launching super money ran, the element from Max has sped ahead, establishing a two up lead.

Date Brodo goes back from behind to tie it up with the iPhone eleven Prozac’s going down the last straw, Fab’s both phones and neck and neck. And they will board and a lap at 36 seconds with millisecond separating them, jumping straight into round management.

Neither Vaughn wants to give up the lead. But the one glissade Paul manages to just squeeze faster, a fraction of a second earlier, ending the foursome at 52 seconds when the iPhone is less than a second behind.

So that was very close with a one this April coming back from an early deficit to pull off a last second technical victory.

So let’s see of the second round with heavier workloads can give us a more clear contrast. We are going to use the video shop app today, importing the same footage on board phones slowing and down to 30 percent. And now, finally, lenders are going to be a Danny DeVito DFS, starting the saltbush again, kicking things off with Bob Schieffer.

Once more, it’s the iPhone that races ahead here. The eighth floor is behind, went up. Can it pull off another comeback? Both phones are now in the second row of apps and the eight ball is still trailing behind.

But with hard start, the one plus aide brought dyas it up again. And no wonder rendering.

Wow. Looks like the iPhone is going to fall behind. No. And yes, the one perceived fraud does end up winning this lap in a minute and eight seconds. D11 Promacta is behind by almost six seconds. Now, moving on to Mammone management.

Go on. This is already down to the last row of apps, but if it does it, Bob, gee, is this the break the iPhone was looking for?

Seems like it, as it seems sat on victory, finishing off with a dime of a minute and 36 seconds. The one plus eight brawl finally ends the second round at a minute and 50 seconds.

So when the one plus eight pro did end up losing the second round today for native and pro Max, I think it performed really well here. Yes, the RAM issue is a bummer, but something that should be solvable via updates. But a combination of Auxier noise, along with Snapdragon 865 was able to beat out the leaders iPhone eleven pro Max and A13 Banning.

I’m curious, do you think any Android phone can be the one to say Prunus speed test, maybe the Iku tree or the real me x 50 pro.

What speeds should meet our next Nevius suggestions Downbelow. Also, how did your predictions go? Honestly, I thought that the one this April would end up winning both rounds. Well, the memory management kind of caught me off guard.

Leave your thoughts down in the comments. And with that, we come to the end of this article.

The Best Phone Realme C15

The Best Phone Realme C15
The Best Phone Realme C15

Following on the heels of the Red Nine train really has come up with two budget offerings of their own, three NBC twelve and see fifteen today. I’m checking out the latter of those devices to find out if the real ABC fifteen was just a knee jerk reaction.

Or is this a budget form that you should consider buying?

Hey, guys,And if you do end up finding this article interesting.Let’s now get started.

We have the regular yellow box. Here comes 2015. And on top in a big, bold font, there’s some more branding on the front as well as to the signs. The back garden, the spec highlights. Our unit comes into power. Silver kind lit for gigs around and 64 gigs of storage.

The bottom of the box has some more info, including the maximum retail price.

That’s 13000 rupees, by the way. And I’ve lujah on the box, though. Let’s open up the lid and take a peek inside. We get this yellow and so that holds the same ejector pin as well as some documentation.

Next up, we get the food itself peeling off the plastic protective wrap. And this ticket from the back as well. This is quite a unique take on the gradient pattern we have seen so far. Anyway, we’ll let the phone booth up till then.

Let’s take a quick look at what else we get inside the box. This is the 18th Ward fast charger and the MICRA use V cable. Yep.

Despite the name really still hasn’t transitioned this CCD to us. B Deepsea.

OK, so coming back to the food, the overall design here is pretty similar to that of the previous real C11. But the back button is kind of different. The power was sort of a variant comes in three shades of gray and the back here has a group reduction do it feels nice and hand and is pretty resistant to fingerprints as well as much as like the C11.

This IEF often do as Meat and Darly out of plastic. But the weed here is still over 200 grams to actually 6000 really Ampol battery that really has managed to cram in here. Despite that, the C fifteen sports, some good ergonomics, the side have this beveled edge which is easy to grip under volume and power buttons.

They’re both on the right edge of the food and an easy reach. Looking around the rest of the device, the top is left empty.

The left holds the triple Gartree and the bottom is very fine. Most of the votes. Three point five headphone jack Mike Mike Roseby.

And finally, the bottom firing speaker up front. You have the six point five inch LCD screen. Real me is calling this the mini drop full screen because of the 10 bezels surrounding it and the water drop not chopped off inside.

We can find the selfie camera, which has been upgraded from the five megapixel shooter inside the C11 to an eight megapixel snapper. It takes some decent looking bitches cropping in a bed.

We can see the details and the skin. And I like the skin tones here as well.

Coming back to the display, though, Specs Ways is the same as their C11. And while it does get bright with vibrant colors, it’s still an easily dibbler spanel.

And that, to me is the biggest drawback for this device, especially when we have a we named Prime. That offers a fully zipless display, the same Bracebridge. The intent is to nothing to brag about this.

Fifteen is powered by the same media technology, 30 by processor that we had seen before.

In the C11, it’s good enough for day to day usage, especially when combined with three or four gigs of LP DDR for Extrem.

As for the internal storage we have, do you do 64 gigs which are expandable thanks to the dedicated microsecond slot? As for gaming, we have the power of the RGA DC 20 which can run and Dencio games like Bob Gion Call of Duty, but feels in comparison to the Bali G 52 mce do that we have inside the Red Nine Premier battery.

Landow is one area where the real reseize of team gets his chance to shine.

We have an absolutely massive six thousand million bahbah train here, a straight 20 percent increase in capacity compared to the previous really C11 that when combined with a seven to eight TV screen and a less power hungry chip means that on P it is the real we fifteen should have much better battery life.

And compared to the red we nine Prain. What’s more, it’s got a leg up on the Chargers with Waterfall’s support. 18 what fast charging, but really includes the fast charger in the box itself for the red.

We it’s a separate Birch’s and then there’s a fact the sieff of Dean Seaboards wire Jewelz charging tags to what Real Me is calling special. Or did you reverse charging?

Moving on to software next year was in a lot of really rEU over the last few months.

And while nothing much has changed you over to see 50, we have a system wide dogwood games. GameSpy is as good as ever and even veejays like the app cloner and dual mode audio work as expected.

Speaking of audio, we have support for really power sound via the headphone jack and the bottom firing speaker can get pretty loud. We even set out the remounted fingerprint scanner and face a lock and they were both pretty phosphine accurate, which then leaves us with the optics.

The real Mesi 15 comes with Quadrio cameras. The primary totin megapixel camera comes equipped with an F 2.0 lens and a good lighting.

It does make some nice living pictures with bright colors. Now, in case you want to bump up the saturation even more, we do have trauma mobiles in here for low light conditions. Really has equipped the C fifteen with a dedicated night.

Now one media and Brugmann from the sea live under the sea.

Fifteen is the inclusion of this. We now have an ultra wide eight megapixel snapper that didn’t capture photos with a white and nineteen degree field of view.

As for the two remaining sensors, we have one, two megapixel black and white lens and the other one is a two megapixel retro sensor. These two had whether reimported photography really has added some color filters in here that can add a bit of fun to the usual portrait snaps. So the cameras here are pretty much par for the course of 10000 repeat arrays.

But I do like the fact that we has gone ahead and added knighthood into the mix here.

And I think the last line is kind of indicative of how I feel about the real see 50. Based on my initial hands on the C fifteen feels like a very run of the mill device.

I mean, to say it’s bad, there’s certainly some highlights here, like the massive 6001 Lampo battery and the 18 what fast charger. But other than that, the rest of the device feels very similar to DRDO phones.

We have the 10000 or we Bracebridge. Yes, the beast 332 gibi variant of the really we see 50 is available at just under 10000 would be while the 460 4G we weigh and costs a thousand rupees more.

In contrast, the 464 G.V. of the Red Nine prime comes in at the same 10000 rupees, but offers a better processor, more and less storage, a higher resolution screen, a type C bought and a five megapixel macro sensor, but loses out on the bigger battery and faster charger.

So which one of these two phones would you bring up? Let me know where the comments below. Also, what do you feel? A real me gradually increasing the price of this ECD.

After all, like the BS variant of the C 50, that’s almost 10000 ravis like just one would be shy of it. So what do you guys feel about that again? Let me know why. The comments that we come to the end of this article.

The Samsung Galaxy A31 Unboxing

The Samsung Galaxy A31 Unboxing
The Samsung Galaxy A31 Unboxing

Samsung’s back again with yet another LCD phone, and this time it’s the galaxy at 31. In today’s article, we’re going to unbox it, spend some time with it and share initial impressions with you guys. So I show from SI Foredeck.

And if you do end up liking what you see in this article, please subscribe and turn on notifications by hitting that bell icon.

So this year’s that everyone’s box. The six 128 variant prism crushed blue opening of the box. Here we have the QuickStart and Region logo along with a warranty card.

And then we get it to your case and the same tool. Finally, we get to the A3, one says, peeling off the protective plastic and removing that sticker do. Here you go.

Samsung’s Galaxy 831, the new midrange are back to the box. We have a fifteen watt charger here along with the US, B Dempsey cable and a pair of your phones. A pretty standard affair. Nothing too special here with the unboxing out of the way. Let’s get to the 831.

This he is a mix of glossy, reflective finish to the top and the pattern middle vertical lines to the bottom. It’s not your run of the mill accreting designed.

So I’ve got to give someone props. But they have used this kind of plastic back button on other ECD phones in the past. Not one benefit of this plastic build is that the 831? It’s pretty light despite supporting a 5000 limper battery.

The wait here is just one hundred and eighty five grams in hand. The either one feels good. Thanks to those rounded edges on the back, the power and volume keys both feel nice and clicky. They are located upwards to the right.

The door holds the secondary mike to the left. We have a triple Gartree two and dedicated support for my career as deep to the bottom.

We have a three and half millimeter headphone jack.

The UCB Dempsey pulled the speaker and a microphone to the front. We have the start of the show. A six point four inch foolishly plus amulet panel. This is a gorgeous panel from Samsung, something we’ve come to expect from these series.

The colors are pretty vivid. The display is bright. Nothing to complain about. Up top. We have a U. Shaped launch, and this holds a 20 megapixel TV camera. This album is coming out of this. They seem pretty decent.

Biddeford, it does shoot at eight megapixels. The skin tones, they seem nice. The detail is a little soft. But then again, we can switch to 20 megapixels.

And at that point, the detail. It’s kind of upped. And of course, there’s a portrait more included as well. Coming back to the displaced and someone decided to go with amulet here. They’ve also managed to incorporate and under the display fingerprint scanner.

The last a series forms like the 70s didn’t have very fast fingerprint scanners.

At times, they even lacked inaccuracy. Thankfully, Samsung seems to have updated the hardware here and the fingerprint scanner seems quite a bit faster. That’s not the only upgrade, though.

We also seem to get a nice little performance bump under the hood. Barring the eatery, one is that well, nanometer mediatheque heliopause 65 chipps it. It definitely seems to be an upgrade over the 40 nanometer Xin 079 04 chipset that we had on the 830.

In fact, it seems to match the performance of the 51 and its excellence 96 eleven at least on paper on the GP front. We’ve got a dual core Molly G 52. It should be able to handle most games. We did Trailered Pub G and it was able to handle the game pretty well.

Its mood settings with the ultra frame rate, preset and châteaux disabled.

This isn’t conclusive though, cos I’m gonna have to do more testing and I’ll have a more comprehensive opinion, a more comprehensive result for you in the full review.

As far as storage is concerned, we have two variants here, a six 28 that you’re seeing in the article. And then there’s a base variant that comes with four gigs of RAM, along with 64 gigs of onboard storage.

What, though, are the older and slower E.M.S. 5.1 storage type? We do have room for memory expansion. We the dedicated macros, he got slot that we saw earlier. The battery capacity that’s also been bumped up, 25 percent bump up this tim.

We now get a five thousand million bar battery. So I expect battery life to be better than good. Of course, there’s also an included fifteen watt fast charger for quick top ups.

On the software side of things, we get one you I dewpoint one based on Android 10. Now, since this is an amulet, banally included System-Wide Dark. More on it. It looks great. Always-On, with tons of customization is also an option.

Something is even included etch lighting and etch panels here. This is usually available inflection. Samsung phones with curved edges, but it’s nice to see edge controls come down to the more budget offerings in Samsung’s lineup.

We also have a truncated version of Samsung being here. This means we only get NFC transactions as well as online wallet based payments so we can load our debit or credit cards onto the 831. Now, Samsung has also been touting the alive intelligent features, most of which includes multilingual keyboards, smart gods, as well as smart search and final DNA based crop for the camera.

Speaking of which, let’s dove into the optics. We’ve already seen the selfie shoot up to the back. Though we have four cameras. That’s two more than the 830.

The primary is a 48 megapixel 10. So then I have two window lens and a bright light.

This camera. Just to capture some good looking shots with vibrant colors and good detail. The dynamic range is pretty good. Do like in this case, the 831 is able to read in a lot of detail from the shadows of these trees, for example. It is worth noting, though, there is no dedicated night more to the light performance, it seems to be average at best.

Molly, what are the other three sends us? We get an eight megapixel ultra wide, a five megapixel, that sense of a life, Owego, shots like these.

And lastly, this five megapixel macro. Barring the low light performance, the camera’s only 831. They seem to be par for the course with the additional eight megapixel ultra wide and five megapixel macros being the upgrade to the primary plus depth sensor combo of the 830.

So overall, the 831 content is a reasonable upgrade over the Galaxy 830 launched in India for around 17000 rupees. As of filming this video. I do not have official confirmation on the pricing, but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it will come in at the same price as its predecessor.

Somewhere around that, anyway. By the time this article goes live, I’m sure most of you guys would know what the price is. I will also include it in the description and leave append comments. Or if you don’t know and check that out.

So what do you think about the Galaxy 831, do you think, given Sampson’s AC, these are focused more on Off-line?

Do you think this is a good upgrade or would you have liked for Samsung to do something else, something different? Yes, let me know the comments below. And with that, we come to the end of this article.

The Review As Box Inside

The Review As Box Inside
The Review As Box Inside

Rumors of a later one lose experience have been swirling around as far as back at the start of this year. And finally, it’s time we have the one plus nahin in hand and endless video. Let’s go ahead and unbox it.

This is what the hype’s been all about. The box is quite different from what we’ve been seeing with the unpleasant series.

We have the famed ones is not branding, of course. This is the review as box inside.

We have the Ridell box, which will get you in a second. There are three cases that bundlers have included for us to check out. Now, the retail box, there’s a handy pull down for the plastic drop to the back. The bag has quite a lot of regular information. We are running the sides, opening it up. We agreed it by the one plus Nahed.

With this, we’re not predictive of getting it out. This Mahboob blue variant looks quite nice.

I generally have a soft spot for blue, to be honest. That also happens to be a great onyx option that one plus offers anyway. Next, we have a cardboard insert. This contains a soft DIPU case. Then we have a welcome letter of sorts.

Now here we find this a magenta tool, some one plus and Nords stickers with a regular little picture. And finally we have the word judge 3D adapter and a typical red one last IFC cable. Hey guys.

By the way, if you’ve been liking what you’ve been seeing so far, please consider turning on notifications by heading that bell icon. Love going to the one plus Nahed.

The first question is why Na Na stands for North and European languages and what list seems to find it best suited to describing the journey so far. And this new Midrand series. And I’m happy they’re being honest and their presence been going nard for a while now, hasn’t it?

See what it did there. Huh. Oh.

Oh, my genius jokes aside. Let’s get closer to the on the missiles up yet to go.

Then what. They’re the ones let’s eat and we’ve got you will Sophie cameras this time around. But it’s still a fluid amulet panel. So yeah. 90 hertz refresh. The resolution remains Policinski plus being a typical amulet ban all the colors up on.

It also happens to be bright one plus claims it’s got 2048 levels of brightness.

So we get fine levels to switch. So it doesn’t have jokey brightness switching. And this panel, it happens to be covered by Corning’s Gorilla Glass Pfeifle prediction. This also happens to be what we get on the back. I love how the marbled blue reflects, like the coving. I just feel nice and hand.

The display. It’s six point four, four inches. So this phone, it’s quite small by today’s standards and it fits noggin hand. The weight is also manageable. It’s well, I want to say just 184 grams.

Again, that’s by today’s standards. As you can see, one passes a little slide under tons.

We have a secondary microphone up top volume. Rocko’s a present to the left. The dual to a primary microphone, USP don’t board. And the speaker.

They are all present at the bottom. Now, the NRC does not have a dual speaker setup, but this single speaker. It got really loud and the output sounded rich, too. Sadly, one place hasn’t found room for a headphone jack on the Nardy, though.

Now, I don’t know if you noticed, but the size of this phone, they give off a mid-range Samsung kind of vibe.

And that’s because it’s plastic. The key is they are, of course, metal, but the mid frame, it is largely plastic.

When it is all plastic and one plus has done this so that they can keep the weight and the price load in similar sized phones or similar segment phones. Now, what do you think about this? Leave a comment down below. So far we’ve seen what’s on the outside. How about we take a look at what’s on the inside?

Well, for starters, this one’s powered. But that’s not Breggin 765.

Egypt said this is a new premium adventure from Qualcomm, sex of the Snapdragon 730 G, which was an excellent ship by itself. I’ve been using this 165 Jollibee voice with Debro and the performance has been really good.

So given oxygen, OS usually gets the best out of any hardware. I expect the North to be super smooth to other specs, include eight or twelve gauge of LBG here for extrem, along with 128 or 256 gigs of U. S 2.0 in storage. As far as battery is concerned, we are four thousand one hundred and fifty million bar with support for Werb Judge.

Thirty one claims the not can be charged from zero to 70 in just 30 minutes. And as we’ve seen from our charge desks, one Atlas’s claims are usually pretty accurate.

No other sundries include support for five G. This sounds 60. That G includes the extra three modem. So the Nahed. S five G capable. Well, it’s not a big deal in India at the moment as not gonna be, at least for the foreseeable future.

Hey, the North has it, okay.

It has it so 5G and that’s pretty much the case with every phone that’s coming out of 5G right now. It’s a speck on paper. It’s a box. It’s a check box ticked.

Then we have a display fingerprint scanner that works quite fast. There is also support for fees and lock. We are this 32 megapixel atsumi. Six one six. For those curious, it is paired with the F two point four valence.

The primary is a tried and tested Sunni IMX five eight six. We get Neitz keep a physics pro mode. Cinny Aspect video recording. In fact, the only changes are hardware limited. Like, for example, video recordings capped at Fourcade 30. Now it’s not just with the cameras.

The entire oxygen noise experience on the Nart is pretty similar in functionality to what we’d find on other windlass phones.

This is Oxygen Olsten, born five, built on Android. Then fan favorites like Dark More, Zen more. They are done well. The interface is pretty stark ish. There is room for customization. We can tweak icon shapes, change the fingerprint animations and so on.

The entire interface feels very responsive and fluid, at least in the time I spent with it. Those were my initial impressions. I’ll have more to add in my full review. Of course.

Now a lot of how this form is gonna be looked at, how it’s gonna be perceived is going to depend on how one plus price is it.

What do you feel is a fair ask for the one plus Nahed?

How much do you think one plus should price this that leave a comment down below and let me know. And with that we get to the end of this quick little unboxing and hands on, Based on what you felt about this article.

Battery Drain Test

Battery Drain Test
Battery Drain Test

In our last article, we charged up quite a few Bobbio phones around the forty thousand rupee mark and given their all at one hundred person. Now let’s see which one. Last the longest in this battery drain, DST. Hey guys, ASHO from C40 Deck.

And if you do end up finding this article interesting, Let’s now get this article started.

So let’s start with a quick refresher of our contenders from left to right.

We’ve got the show me me, then the Samsung Galaxy Note and Light, the one plus 70, the equal tally. And finally, the real me of Debro to the far right. Of course, we’ve got at Resta Pogo if one keeping track of time. So that’s it for the introductions. And before we dove straight in. Who do you think’s gonna win this one?

Leave a comment down below and let’s see if he can.

If your predictions turn out right now, all forms, they’ve been just 100 percent plugging the charging cables off. We have set them to the same brightness levels across the board and all phones are at their highest clean refresh rate. Let’s start things off with some see foredeck articles on YouTube.

Checking back in after half an hour. The median has just lost one percent.

The real me is fifty Pro and the Galaxy Note in light. They’ve lost three percent each. Well, the one place that in the end, the equal three there died, both losing two percent each. Kicking things into a higher gear. Let’s run Pobjie.

Now, we’re back after an hour. The median, it’s up 87 percent.

The northern light, it surprisingly dropped 20 percent of its battery to one four seven beats at 84 percent. The Eichel Tree 88 and the real me XP Pro 86, all within two percent of each other. What surprised surprised me here is that the northern line had lost a chunk of its battery person despite having a pretty sizable 45 I really my age battery.

That also happens to be the second largest in our test today going on. Or what are some like social media? We’ve opened up the Explorer page on Instagram, scroll it a bit so that every phone has a mix of photos running on it. Let’s let it run for an hour.

OK. So we are two hours and 30 minutes into our test. And here’s how the numbers look.

The meat ends at 82 percent. The northern lights 70 to one plus 70, 77. I called three has taken a surprising lead with 83 percent battery remaining. Well, eggs 50, bro. It’s in the middle of the pack with 78 percent juice left. Time now to stress the chips further, which CFX panch.

We ran the benchmark five times. It’s been four hours into the test.

And the Samsung as well as one plus, they’ve dipped below the 50 percent mark. The X 50 debro is just at the halfway mark.

Well, the IQ three and the median, they are at table Dopplers with 61 and 62 percent battery left, respectively. Looks like the lower interest rate on the ACLE three is helping it keep pace with the median and its larger battery. Switching to ask nine next.

We round the game for an hour straight and all the fans are looking a little worse for wear except the Iku, all other phones are below the 50 percent mark. The median is at forty nine.

Just lower. The real me is at 37, not in light in one place in Indiana at the bottom with 33 and 29 percent respectively. Looks like the smaller three at Alema Age battery. Combined with that 90 holds their first rate.

It’s taken a toll on the one plus 70. It’s pushed it to the bottom. Let’s now try recording some Fourcade video.

After about fifteen minutes of video recording, let’s see how the phones are holding up. The meeting is at 45 percent.

The northern lead has just a quarter of its battery left. The 70 is even lower, 23 percent. The Eagle three is now leading the pack at 46 percent.

And the XP pro, it stays put in third place with 30 percent juice left. Next up, we’ve got another benchmark.

This time it’s Qik, bench five. Like before, we’re running at five times in a row. Are now five hours, 51 minutes into the desert and board the northern light, as well as the one plus 70. There are struggling. The median is at 37 percent.

The ICU thirty nine x 50, pro at twenty three. Looks like the largest brain size, combined with the older and less efficient than an immediate based X nose 98. Dennett’s kind of let them then lie down fighting up a G once more. Looks like the London Light, it couldn’t last the hour.

Dies after six hours and 46 minutes. The one by Sandy is on its last legs as well, and it dies just three minutes later. So we now have the median at 25 percent, the ICU three at twenty seven. And finally, the X debro hanging on.

We just nine percent juice left. So let’s stop the DSTO since the results are pretty clear at this point. The Meedan and the ICU three, they are the winners.

By extrapolating the data, we can see that a combination of the 90 Hertz and 47 A.D. M.H. battery. Despite that, the median should last a total of nine hours and five minutes on our desks. I called three.

Despite the smaller forty four hundred AM age, battery would still take the crown with a total name of nine hours and 20 minutes. That’s why they exploit Debro 5G.

It should come in at seven and a half hours. So the surprising thing here was the Iku winning and despite having a lower capacity battery.

Yes, that’s due to the refresh rate on the smaller six point four four inch screen here. So that’s been hard for this brain desk to which one of these forms surprised you the most?

Personally, I thought the median would come out on top despite the 90 Hertz panel and also the Newton light. I didn’t expect it to die so quick. So leave a quick comment down below, letting me know what you felt.

Also, do you guys want me to do more? DRAINE This. Did you find this video interesting? If you want to see more. Which one should I include in the next. Next rain test? Let me know again in the comments below.

And with that, we get to the end of this article.

The Realme Band Review

The Realme Band Review
The Realme Band Review

Generally, when brands and those products before launch, we signed an NDA or nondisclosure agreement. We as reviewers are not allowed to disclose anything about the product illicit and ended, after which the embargo on the non-disclosure lifts.

And you’re free to show you guys are hands on hanbok scenes and whatnot.

This time, real news got to we are embargoed. This is the real ME band. And today I’m only allowed to talk about the overall design, show you guys the display and also walk you through what options the real ME band has to offer on Friday is when I can talk about the specs.

Walk you through the ads and share my views on the product. I don’t really like this kind of embargo any more than you do. But hey, this is YouTube.

This is an interesting product and I’m sure you guys want to see artiale on it as soon as possible. So whatever I’m allowed to show you. That is what I want to talk about in today’s article.

And once it goes on sale, I’m also going to be giving away three of these hey guys at Chevron see Foredeck. And if you like, honest transparency or if you like giveaways, Let’s now get this article started.

Here’s how the only band looks. Here’s a live shot, the tracker.

It’s kind of integrated into the band itself. That gives the real me about a seamless look.

It feels pretty lightweight. I expect it to be comfortable for long term use. This track has a Collette’s clean that looks really nice. First up here, we can see the Bluetooth connectivity, the steps walk, the battery status and of course, back in the center time navigating through the band menu as symbol.

Just touch the capacitive button below the display and the band cycled through all the options that are, tell me, end up right back at the clock screen.

So how do we actually get into one of the options? Well, let’s say you want to start track tracking a cricket activity. So if you’re going to play cricket and you want to start tracking it as an activity, go to Cricket and Gap and hold it for a bit. We give this count on countdown time on screen.

And now the real new band is tracking a heart rate, as well as the calories being burned while playing cricket once they’re done playing.

We can go ahead and turn it off the same way, tap and hold. And the band gives us a little summary of the total calories burned along with the average heart rate.

And the max and spike do while playing. And yet there is a hydrogen’s out of the back. We have two other exercise options preloaded onto the band, drumming and yoga. And they work pretty much the same way.

Now, if you want to just measure heart rate and non track activity, then the real knee band also lets us do just that. Frade from here.

And this option. Well, it’s just regulatory info and stuff. Nothing really interesting.

What is interesting, though, is this really man can be charged directly. You think just about any U.S. people just pull the strap off?

Yeah, it comes off just like this and you just plug it in directly and it starts charging. It wasn’t, Bill. And this means we don’t have to carry around an extra charge like you’d have to would see a mid-band or even something like a Fitbit.

But what about the long term effect? Will this have on the strap? Will it end up becoming looser or dying? I can’t really answer that now. And that’s pretty much what I can show you guys. In today’s video. So let’s quickly switch to the give away.

I’m going to be giving away three real knee bands and like the last time to avoid border entries and to ensure real people have a higher chance of winning.

I’m adding a little something extra that I’m gonna be. A couple of questions from this video on the give away page. And if you watch the video, you should be able to answer them with no issues and the rest is pretty much business as usual.

Just enjoy your subscribe to see 40 Decter and does all so the give away it runs from today to the 30th of March and on the thirty first three winners will be chosen at random. And you guys will get arioli round each. So good luck guys.

I guess that’s pretty much it. And again, the winners will be announced.

We had to wait. And if you’re not on Twitter, you can check out the winners by clicking on this team link. You used to end up. So, anyway, Honoria up on the real Nivan.

And do let me know if you have any questions you’d like and that if there’s anything in particular you’d want me to address in that article and I will try to get that done so that we get to the end of this article.

The Redmi Power Bank 2i Review

The Redmi Power Bank 2i Review
The Redmi Power Bank 2i Review

Last week, along with red meat, a duel Red Army also launched a couple of FA runs, the first ones to come under the Red Army branding and the 10000 in May shred Red Minbar, because exactly what we are going to take a look at in today’s video of seven hundred and ninety nine rupees at this price.

It poses an interesting question to funds by this part B 100 rupees more for the meat away.

What is the better option? Let’s see. Hey guys, Asho from Z4 ETEC. And if you do end up liking what you see in this article, go ahead,Let’s now get this article started.

So let’s start with what features that and it really amp our biobank has to offer. First, let’s go for a physical walkthrough. We have a polycarbonate build this time around, but it’s pretty solid nonetheless.

From a dimension’s perspective, it’s more or less similar to the PA back to way a few millimeters larger, the sides having the stiction now as a big pro and it should help with the grip.

Additionally, read me also symptoms kin’s that you can get for your any PA bank if you want to customize it. That is a nice touch. OK.

Let’s not on to the EU. We have four ports on this red dubah bank. Do you as we do pay one as we see one micro you asby bought the micro. He has me in the U.S. We don’t see our use to possibly charge the bar bank. That’s convenient.

And then step up from just micro use B under me. Thank you, Dwight. Now let’s say you have a phone with a micro use before, so you’ll be carrying a charger with a micro. He is B gabled, right? So in that case, you don’t need to carry anything else.

You can just plug in this PA bank with that micro U.S. B cable and charge it and then use the same cable to charge the phone.

Now, let’s see, you have a phone that has a USP type SEBALD. So you’re probably carrying a charger with a USB Dempsey cable and that gives you can use the type she bought in the ball ban for it to charge.

Basically read me have ensured everybody needs to just carry one cable with them. The Red Meat and other Minimbah Power Bank in this way. It’s really convenient talking about convenience. This powerbomb carries on a couple of longstanding traditions.

Now these have said charming products apart from the competition. What are these traditions? OK. One is the ability to charge Lowboy devices. But Tempah banks try to charge Bluetooth headset so fitness trackers and they start charging and are just flat out refused to do so. That’s because the power draw from these devices is just so minimal.

This red meat bar band, Legates Prentice’s said the Douai allows for a Lobo judging mode.

That was this Paul button and you enter a low charging one for two hours. The next feature. This has long been the reason why. Show me Bar Rhines.

I’ve always found a way onto my travel backpack fast through charging. Now when we travel it department doesn’t support us through charging. We’re gonna have to carry a couple of chargers and then plug them all into different outlets with ball bands like this one, which support bars to charging.

You can connect up all of us to the wall outlet and then have a couple of devices plugged into the ball bag.

Over time, all three will reach full charge. And this is something I’m formed super helpful when traveling and I really appreciate. Me to continue to provide the same option. And now let’s get to the capacity and charging speed.

And he has it. Read me. I’ve kind of compromised. I mean, kinda. And not exactly.

And let me explain. Not. We still have. Do we have us charging the bar man can be charged fast and it can charge twice as fast.

But the definition of fast that’s changed. Well, let me go back to I could charge it up to 18 watts. Read me ten thousand million. Barbar wrong can only go downwards. Well, at first glance, this seems like a downgrade.

And yes, in a way it is. It is also a trade off of a kind, a sideman, if I might say so.

And that’s cause the faster the charging, the less efficient it is and lower the effective battery capacity. Now, to give you some perspective. When the median in the median and were announced.

Didn’t you think it was weird that despite having identical bills, the median has a 47 80 million Baader battery capacity compared to forty five hundred in an age on the median pro? Now, that’s because of the lower efficiency of the median proves faster, charging speed 50 watts compared to thirty ones.

Now, if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Go ahead. Check on my article on the median and median, bro. Here’s a guide to that.

Anyway, coming back, the same logic applies here. I do. If you look at the ME dot com binge, the DUI bank is said to be able to charge that any to any pro a form of the fourth out Emilian bar battery, only one point four times, meaning effectively five times extended to my age battery capacity because of this lower charging speed here.

This one is supposed to be able to charge the same. Improve one point seven, five times, meaning we get 7000 mph effectively.

So the delay is probably a better choice for those looking for quick or top ups. Well, the Redleaf of anger is aimed at those wanting better capacity.

At least that’s how it appears to be. So that’s pretty much everything there is to know about the new red meat and doesn’t really Ambar powerbomb.

So what do you think about red meat launching Access’s under their own brand? Now, do new feel the tradeoffs are worth it? What do you think about this? Seven hundred ninety nine, Andrew for our bank.

Let me know whatever you think in the comments below. And with that, we get to the end of this article.

The Samsung Galaxy M21 Review

The Samsung Galaxy M21 Review
The Samsung Galaxy M21 Review

One of the debut devices for the M series, The Galaxy M 20. It is also getting a refresh now. I’m sure you’ve seen the leaks and the article about it.

This is the Galaxy M 21. And it is quite the upgrade from the Galaxy M 20 from last year. Now, Samsung’s letting me show you guys a bit of the M 21 Underlay’s article. Of course, I’ll have a more detailed unboxing and hands on our.

So whatever questions, you might have trouble in the comments below and I will get to them in the unboxing article. For now, let’s take a look at the cameras and talk a bit about the Galaxy M 21. Hey guys. Our show from C Foredeck.

And if you do end up finding this article interesting, go ahead. Turn on notifications by heading that bell icon. Let’s now get to the M 21 design wise, the M 21 sports a completely different looking back.

We have a boxy camera out here and that’s in line with Samsung’s 20/20 design language.

We’ve seen the same with the A&M series of vicious do. Another thing worth noting is that the rear camera count that’s gone up to three and the primary camera. It’s a forty eight megapixel sensor.

But hey, all this you can get that from the Amazon Indialantic Beach. Right. It is going on sale.

The Amazon. That’s a thing. In case you didn’t know. So here, let’s jump in and take a quick look at a few sample pictures.

The 48 megapixel sensor looks to be quite a bit of an upgrade over the 13 megapixel primary and the M 20. The pictures at first glance, they seem to be fine, Rich and Weldy deal. Here are a few more samples.

What do you guys think of these images? Leave a comment below. Do let me know. Of course, the ultra web. Also, it does. And it is upgraded.

Do I have more to say about these in the article? They said the camera has gotten a refresh as well. This is a 20 megapixel snap.

Now, again, a substantial upgrade over the modest eight megapixel sensor that we had on the antennae. The skin tones, they come across nice. The lead levels for the price. Pretty interesting. Like focusing to the done so put RAYCHELLE fees and the background blood control different at present and accounted for.

This is the camera. It’s present right here. And this time we have a tiny order, top notch. So we’ve gone to infinity you from Infinity V, but that is not the big deal.

What is a big deal is the fact that this year is a super arm of the panel on the Galaxy M 21 Samsung Zamili displays are usually excellent, even on their budget phones.

And it doesn’t seem any different here with M 21 and they have not done anything weird, like drop the resolution or something.

So this is a solid full 80 plus panel. So Panchi Geller is awesome, contrasting key blocks. You know, whatever we expect from a Samsung, I’m on the panel. The battery life has been another highlight of the end series. The first generation of devices set the trend with the M 20 and in 30 sporting high capacity batteries.

And now Samsung’s continuing that trend. In fact, they are pushing the bar even higher. Just like the recently released M3 one.

The Galaxy M 21 also comes with an absolutely massive six thousand million pound battery, fast charging sub, which would return and hit the headphone jacks present here. It is worth noting that despite this six thousand billion part battery, the phone doesn’t feel doing really.

Anyway, like I said, this one is launching on the 16th of March and it should be available via Amazon based on track record.

I expect the M twenty 21 to launch at around twelve thousand rupees.

So hey, that’s awarded for this latest video. If you guys have any questions or queries about the end 21, let me know the other comments below and I will definitely address them. Indian boxing. So what do you feel about this phone?

Are you looking forward to this new Galaxy MGD smartphone? What are what are your expectations from Samsung and the series? Leave a comment. Let me know. And hey, if you like the honking right there.